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  1. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    You ar using maybe 40% of the power the gpu has... sadly the Mpcie adapter is crap in comparison with the one from gerald. Im using vega 64lc that is pretty much equal to your gtx1080, i went ahead and reinstalled witcher just to give you some numbers you could expect: Wither 3 Max setting(hairworks off) 1920x1080 - avarage 115fps 2560x1440 - avarage 85fps 3840x2160(4k) - avarage 48fps
  2. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Yes its safe, as long as you dont cut any traces you ar fine, i did thesame to fit a sata adapter cable to connect hdd outside the laptop.
  3. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @jxfong2 That is completely incorrect, your gpu will work with its full speed. The cpu may hold it back when you compare to something like 8700k, But it wont be anything drastic as you described. Basic expectation is to have about 20-15% less in 1080p, 15-10%less in 1440p, and about 5%less in 2160p compared to topend cpu. So 2080ti will still give you its level of performance, it will not magicaly turn in to 1070.... People seem to have completly wrong idea about bottlnecks, you would have to pair 2080ti with something like core2duo to have its performance hammered so badly it would perform like 1070 or something like that,and mind you 4700mq is not there yet.
  4. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Equivalent of 1070 is Vega 56.
  5. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @High_Voltage sorry i edited my post, i forgot that y500 has pci-e 2.0 unlike 3.0 in y510p. So for rusTORK it wont be working 100% speed, only y510p users get full benefit of new cards. Also i dont think there will be any other problems with the error 43, thats already resolved rtx cards should be detected like any other with the adapter fix.
  6. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Not sure how much of bottleneck will it be with pci-e 2.0 x8 but you can just run Firestrike benchmark or something and compare graphic score with any review or something like that.
  7. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @rusTORK Cpu pci-e lanes and chipset pci-e lanes ar different and separate. Intel cpus of that era had 16 pci lanes v3.0 , while the chipset has its own pci lanes(usuallu v2.0) that ar used for stuff like m.2/lan/sata/usb/audio and such, so dont confuse the two. Y500 cpu seposedly supports pci-e v3.0 so im not sure why it is limited on the slot,maybe they had some technical difficulties and had to limit it in that one or a design flaw they overlooked (wouldent be the first time). The major difference betwean y500 and y510p is cpu generation, y500 has 3xxxmq series and y510p had 4xxxmq series, but again bouth support pci-e 3.0 so im not really sure.
  8. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @rusTORK My vega 64lc is 40mm(with the backplate) and theres 5mm left between screen and the card(at the bottom). It leans left towoards the screen and touches it slightly, no issues for me so far so i wouldent worry to much about it leaning.
  9. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @rusTORK 2 slot card goes in easy, the only thing that would block 2,5 or 3 slot card is the laptop screen.
  10. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Regarding physx , you can even use dedicated gpu for physx with amd gpu in ultrabay adapter(not sure do all new drivers support it but some did when i was testing my adapter). I belive i tested that with liquidmark and msi aftherburner showed gt755m activity in physx tests. But there arent that many gpu based physx titles, so it dosent really matter that much, besides if you go with beefy gpu in adapter it might do better job by itself anyways.
  11. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    @rusTORK Gtx 660 needs about 140watts also 17.5A on a line is enough, you ar only powering a graphic card not an entire system, so technically it should handle something far more powerful. But i wouldent trust it for longer period of time, its old and of questionable quality.
  12. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Depends on the resolution you ar using, i went with vega 64 lc (was chosing at the time nvidia cards did not work, oterwise id go with 1080ti) and in 4k i have maybe 20%-30% cpu usage in most games on max settings. More or less in comparison with top end cpu/ram, you should expect 5% less in 4k , 10% less in 1440p and 15-20% less in 1080p(wont matter on 1080p, since most games will still be in hundreds fps) A few examples is doom maxed 4k 60fps with dips to 50s ,witcher 3 maxed 4k without hairworks about 46fps avarage. Either way if you still think you will need better cpu, consider it an upgrade path, you can buy adapter/gpu/monitor/psu and use with laptop now. And later on you can buy mobo/cpu/ram as an upgrade path and ditch the laptop. And a samll thing ill add is that on y510p(non sli gt755m) without the adapter/gpu witcher 3 ran at lowest settings/resolution at 24 fps.....
  13. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Yes you can use bouth, but you need "msata to sata" cable or modified hdd caddy like in first post on previous page.
  14. There are 2 types of pcie lanes, one is from cpu and thats 16 used for gpus(x8 x8) , second one is from chipset and its used for wifi and m.2 and probobly something els. There is total 8 of chipset express lanes and they ar 2.0version. So to ansuer OP no there is no shortage of lanes and it dosent conflict with nvidia gpus, each gpu has always x8 from cpu. Heres a source for y510p chipset https://ark.intel.com/products/75531/Intel-HM86-Chipset (look in Expansion Options part) Crap sorry i did not notice the op posted this in 2016... why do you ressurect such old topics ?
  15. Celestus

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    1.Nope, no succesfull bios mod is avaliable at this moment. But as you can see from previous post, some people may be trying to change that. 2. Ehh well, there ware scaling issues(with 4k monitor), some apps would start on gt755m instead of ultrabay gpu and only display on internal screen (and low performance) and other way around, some would only display on external screen.To be honest i dont remember all the issues as i just turned the int screen off, went with 4k ips and never looked back. 3. Gerald would have to answer that really. All i can add is thous other solutions like PE4C V3.0 and the EXP GDC dont even come close performance wise. The adapter uses full pci-e 3.0 x8 speed and that would be enough to run one Titan V (if nvidia cards would work) without any bottleneck. Only other advice is modular psu and a longer motherboard cable combined with riser ? Besides im not sure a cable-adapter solution would be any better as im already having issues with sata cable poping out of ultrabay and its a pain to plug back in (@David 'SOAP' Washington that may be helpfull for me ) @High_Voltage Im sure theres plenty people willing to test , wait and they will surely pop up here overtime. For me i got vega64lc and i have no intention of changing that anytime soon, so ill pass on anymore tinkering.

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