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  1. After starting up the eGPU successfully, I am facing another problem. I can get everything works fine after a clean install of windows like playing GTA in max resolution. But once I boot back to OSX, I can no longer boot into windows again, it hangs at the spinning dots. I need to uninstall the Intel Iris 5200 driver (installed by bootcamp) with DDU in safe mode before I can get back to normal mode. When I entered normal mode, I tried to reinstall all versions of Intel Iris 5200 drivers, all of them turned into black screen and freeze when I hear the "New Hardware Found" tone. I then tried to remove NVidia drivers with DDU in safe mode, the same thing happened when I try to reinstall the NVidia driver in normal mode. So i guess it would be a windows 10 issue instead of drivers bug. Does anyone have the same problem as it?
  2. Hi herb, rEFInd is used to enable Intel Iris Pro on windows side such that you can disable the dGPU, Optimus will kick in if you are running graphic hungry software which will bring the process to the eGPU. so you need to use rEFInd for that purpose. However I am facing another strange problem, when I am using spoof_osx_version in rEFInd, windows does not boot up and hang in spinning dots. I am trying to reinstall windows again.
  3. After installing NVidia 372.70 driver and disabled 750M from device manager, enable Intel Iris Pro using rEFInd, it finally works now, also the eGPU is working on internal rMBP monitor (i guess), 3dmark gets a score of 4038, thanks everyone for the help! But the funny thing is that even I have disabled the 750M, it is still visible to 3dmark. Below is a footage running 3dmark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm18M-i4_68
  4. Hi Nando, i have taken out the akitio boards from the chassis and installed gpu direcly into the pcie slot without riser, using refind to enable iGPU, use 0xbb gpu-switch to use it as default, disable pcie bridge to 750M, but the 1070 code 43 still...
  5. I don't quite understand how can you install osx and windows in mbr mode, is it wiping the whole hdd, reformat the hdd as mbr (no gpt) then restore everything from backup? does it affect osx when running without gpt?
  6. Hi Nando, i am using a 2 Molex to barrel plug for the power of Akitio TB2 and using a un-powered pcie riser, should I replace with a powered pcie riser? Windows running bios mode? Congrats, how did you do that?
  7. I am not sure what I should do, since I am getting Code 43 error with my GTX 1070 whatever version of windows I installed. are you using akitio TB2?
  8. I am using bootcamp to install windows 10, the windows 10 is running as UEFI in which the eGPU Setup is not able to install BTW we are living in the same timezone..
  9. Hi Luke, have you managed to install 1.30 to the rmbp?
  10. I am powering my akitio TB2 using 2 molex to barrel plug from a 620W ATX PSU with GTX 1070 inside, but I am getting error 43 in windows, would it be a power issue? do I still need to use a powered pcie riser?
  11. Hi Nando, sorry I dont know why i cannot Pm you. i am using rMBP with intel Iris Pro 5200 and GTX 750M, I want to add a GTX 1070 via Akitio TB2 as eGPU. whenever I installed the nvidia driver on win 8.1 or win 10 it gives error 43. As I am using bootcamp to install Windows I cannot use non-EFI boot.. what should I do to run the Setup on rMbp?
  12. Hi, my windows is installed over bootcamp on mbp, would it be possible to convert it to mbr as mac needs efi to boot?
  13. Hello I am new to the Akitio world, I am going to install a Inno3D 1070 to the box, as I read from the spec, 1070 draws 150W from the PSU, while it's having a 8-pin molex connector which supplies 150W to the GPU, do I need to create the Molex to barrel plug or use a powered riser for the PCIe connection? Thanks everyone.
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