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  1. Brulio86

    [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Sick mod man, really pushing the hardware to the limits
  2. Awesome guide man, do you know where could I get replacement screws?
  3. Brulio86

    Alienware m18xr2 video card upgrade to 970m

    I don't think the motherboard is damaged i had almost the same issue when I installed a 980m on mine, try to boot in the integrated graphics, and install windows 8.1, supposedly windows 10 is incompatible with this card if you aren't using a custom Bios, so i would recommend that, also try installing the custom drivers form Eurocom following their instructions.
  4. Recently My video card crashed and trying to fix it i updated to Bios A12, but no matter what i try I still can't get it to work, should I flash this custom Bios or keep searching for other options? I have and A18MxR2, with a 980m and windows 8.1, I detect the GPU on Bios but whenever I try to Install the custom Drivers it just crashes showing an error of DPC_Watchdog violation.
  5. Brulio86

    NVIDIA Unveils the GeForce GTX 1060

    Looks pretty good, is there a huge difference in actual performance against the 1070?

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