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  1. souljasam

    [REPAIR] Clevo Service Manuals

    Thanks for making these available. I've gone past 5 posts on the forum and none of em were just random spam. do I have to wait for someone to press a button so I can download the one I need?
  2. souljasam

    NVIDIA GTX 1070 Officially Paper Launched

    Cant wait to get mine. been using a 660ti and wanting to switch to 1440p and my 660ti has started struggling to maintain 60fps in 1080 for some games.
  3. hello everyone. So glad to find this forum. was really looking for some help with my laptop disassembly and found a guide for it on here. thanks.
  4. souljasam

    Overwatch Open Beta A Success and Cheaters Beware

    there were a few exploits to get into places that you couldnt be hurt but could kill the enemy so my guess is some of it is people abusing that
  5. 554 games currently. grows every month with the humble monthly bundle.
  6. souljasam

    The New Nvidia GTX 1080

    I plan on getting one for my new build once they are more readily availible.

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