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  1. First of my guess you have been running the cmd as an admin. If not do so. Second just type backup and it will do its thing. The .bin file should be in the folder where fptw64 resides. It should be around 4 Mb. Good luck
  2. Unless that's a way to go into a bios recover mode, no. The reason why your usb's don't work is because the bios never gets to look for them. Imagine being dropped into a country with no maps or road signs. Pretty difficult to find a hospital or consulate that way, So without a functioning bios you have no map to the usb. You're best luck is to get into a bios recovery mode, that method may be the way to get there for your mobo. Wish I knew more on that model, but keep googling and at worst bite the bullet and call and pay for dell support. Wish I could help more. Best of luck.
  3. I would try a fat32 usb drive first and foremost. If a new drive formatted in fat32 doesnt work the port is shot. Also goes without saying try a port on the other side of the laptop. If end key is working odds are that the EC is still intact. Best of luck
  4. That is why you should always do a bios flash with a charged battery and plugged into the charger. Now that you have screwed your bios pray you didn't fry the EC as well. Since you are not the first person with this issue follow this link. Hope it helps. Not sure if alienware has that ability to do a jumper for Bios Recovery Mode if this doesn't work. If not you have a paperweight. Best of luck
  5. With an i3 and only 8 gigs of DDR3 you will be cutting it close with that configuration. If you will be doing large spreedsheets I would opt to increase the processor to an i5(i7 even better) at least on 8 gigs, You can always up your ram later if it's being sluggish, but the processor is where I would put my money. Just my $0.02
  6. The code is specific to Lenovo devices FRU 03T7135 is a BroadCom card that is within Lenovo's whitelist. So therefore you will not need to mod your bios in order to replace the card to AC on your laptop. Problem is that not all sellers online are honorable and will charge you the premium price of a Lenovo approved card for a standard non Lenovo one that is typically cheaper. Caveat Emptor.
  7. I just gave my chromebook away to my Aunt. She needed a computer for light internet surfing and email. For that purpose they are great. For anything else they are a doorstop, especially if you plan on using it with internet access. I prefer to have options. You paint yourself into a corner with a chromebook. Just my $0.02.
  8. To be honest I wouldn't be looking at the devices until you decided the company you will be using for processing. Some POS systems will have integrated processing and charge an arm and a leg for each transaction. I would shop around for a company first(most are looking to outdo eachother cost wise). Be sure to read all the fine print, then I would get your machines that work with the processing company. Most will even throw in a free unit if you have enough volume in sales. Fyi I own a restaurant so I have been through a number of providers in the last 10 years.
  9. There are a number of solutions for network maintenance. It all depends on whether or not you are hosting all your servers onsite or if you have moved to off location virtualization. I find most companies I deal with now are opting to remove most of their equipment except for thin clients or pcs(less chance for failure and better update scheme), maybe a simple domain controller in case of outage, and a thorough VPN solution for connectivity. Without knowing your networking needs and current configuration it would be hard to spit ball you an ideal path for maintenance.
  10. Barely rates as a PC but a Commodore Vic20 Busting at the seems with 1.02 mhz processor and 5k of ram. Had a tape drive and wrote my first Basic programs on that bad boy.
  11. Hey Guys, So I got my hand on a doorstop Sophos/Astaro 120 that has 9.1 installed on it. My Unix is rusty but I was able to reset the passwords on the device and attempt a home license update. Alas that is where it went all wrong. I would love to decommission an old Core 2(dying) acting as my firewall at home running sophos 9.3. If anyone had a time at this it would be great to hear if it's even worse resurrecting an old 120 anyway. Thanks, E
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