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  1. to my and ur surprise, ive checked it with battery full and the power cord plugged in, yet PL1 and PL2 happen after, i think, 48 W passed !!!! how this doesn't happen with urs ?!? i cant reach 58 W AT ALLLL !!!! and yes i read the READ ME file of TS by which how to eliminate throttling based on power consumption but the prob here is how u know exactly what is VCCIN for our CPU in y50-70 coz if we set the VCCIN number wrong it might lead to dangerous result.
  2. @Ultrax5 lol i didn't mean u were lieing or sth, just thought u maybe wrote mistakenly Thx a lot for the screenshots ... btw in TS havent u done any setting over the TPL or C7s sections ? coz still when i run a TS bench the FID can not reach to x38 at full load even with the undervolting as ur screenshots suggest. and this is due to the fact that CPU throttles (reason: PL2 which i suppose this a power limit throttling) maybe u hv changed ur Microcode which i dont hv a clue what it is PS. at FULL LOAD the highest FID gets is x32.4 for me how about ur GPU have done any undervolt and overvolt experiment ?
  3. u say oced to 3.8 but ur info in 3dmark page says other thing : Maximum turbo core clock 3,696 MHz
  4. would u kindly take some screenshot of ur ThrottleStop from different setting sections, so then i could be able to set my setting like yours (since im not really good at it as u are) ..... i wanna get the best possible OC for our Y50-70 much appreciated .... that would be kind of u
  5. thx what software did u use for overclocking the cpu ?? didn't u hv any problem with throttling ?
  6. what is ur final stable setting when there is no artifact and the system has got no prob during running games or ur graphic driver wouldn't crash ???? would u pls do a bench with 3DMARK with ur stable setting? much appreciated, it coz of the fact that i wanna do a comparison between my y50-70 (960m 2GB) with urs which i believe it's 4 GB varient.
  7. would u take some screenshot of your final setting in ur Maxwell BIOS Tweaker ?? since i dont know which valuve should be changed in Power Tab. just let us what value u have changed to get the best result. appreciated
  8. thx for explanation mine is 73 % , so i suppose it's a good value? here is my MaxwellBiosTweaker screenshots, dont know what parameter should be changed or how much they should be changed ? http://uupload.ir/files/62uz_11.png http://uupload.ir/files/afi9_2.png http://uupload.ir/files/0pgs_3.png
  9. there is a sth i encountered with the power break. some times after playing a game like 2 hour with the laptop on AC power, suddenly the power key on laptop (above keyboard, right corner) starts blinking and as i tested, if i don't take power cable out and then put it in again the laptop gonna shut itself down, it seems as if the power break can not provide enough power in some situation. would u pls explain in detail how u managed to increase power limit ? thx
  10. recently could extract vBIOS but dont know how to power/voltage limit in MaxwellBiosTweaker . do u know how?
  11. really like ur perfect punctuation, it seems as if u r writting an essay (i'm an English student) have u made any comparison between 4gb vs 2gb varient of 960m, FPS-wise in games ? has the 4gb varient any absolute benefit over the 2 gb varient ? so ur final boost clock is 1454 which is 1359 MHz + 95 MHz by MSI AB = 1454, right ? is it the ultimate value we can push our card? have u checked higher values than 1359 when u set this value in vBIOS ? anyway, pls let me know ur best OC values or by any chance u found better vBIOS file or setting OR EVEN if there is any way to get better performance outta this specific Laptop. (i'm gonna PM u my Email address for any finding u might bump into in the future) it would be definitely appreciated.
  12. wow, thx for ur thorough and detailed guide sir really appreciated indeed. u are rock man !! VRAM 6000 MHZ !!!???? Are u sure ???? i only can get +300 MHZ (fully stable) memory clock with MSI AB which leads to : 2505 (stock memory) + 300 = 2805 Mhz btw ur gpu is 2gb or 4 gb variant ? although i believe 960m 4 gb is an absolute over kill coz this particular gpu is too weak in essence that can benefit from that 2 extra GB. PS. can't we change the POWER LIMIT by this method ? http://www.cryptocoinupdates.com/how-to-raise-the-power-target-limit-on-geforce-gtx-970-and-gtx-980/
  13. Finally, thx very very much for ur response sir. 18% is good enough. aren't u hitting the power limit (throttling) ? have u checked the power limit graph via MSI afterburner ??? how's the temps? As far as i get from what u said, so u have ur gpu OCed +235 for core clock base, right ? and how much for Memory ? i used ur suggested application (fptw64.exe) and took a backup of bios this is the result http://rghost.net/6ZvtxnVDJ also i used Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0 and took a backup of bios with this application as well http://rghost.net/7Xwb2JlzY
  14. hey man, pls check out my topic. ur pm box is full, had to bring to ur attention here. i would be grateful if u help
  15. hi guys, got a y50-70 FHD touch with a gtx 960m 2GB which i wanna OC the GPU a little bit and change the power limit a bit to avoid hitting power limit and throttling. so the question is simple :)) HOW ? ONLY WAY IS TO MOD THE vBIOS ? OC gpu applications like EVGA PrecisionX 16 or MSI Afterburner does not allow me go furthur than +135 core clock base and POWER LIMIT option is greyed out. btw i'm quite familiar with the danger and risk so .... thx in advance appreciated PS. there is topic here in this forum which is somehow near what i'm seeking for but it's a bit old and seems no one replys to it anymore, so i made a new one, hope i can get a help, thx
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