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  1. Hy I have the same problem! Every day and every night.. error 43. I tried to follow some guides but with out any helps. My configs: Asus x53sc, i5 2430m, HD 3000, Nvidia Gtx 520mx, 6GB RAM eGPU: Nvidia GT 9600 1GB PSU: 550W EXP GDC v8 - mPCIE
  2. I got the same problem. The eGPU has been recognized from my pc but two days ago my pc (asus x53sc) doesn't recognize it anymore. I think that is your same problem but i doesn't buy the eGPU Setup 1.3 This problem has happened to me two times. The first time I resolved this problem by replacing the wifi card in the mPCIe slot but now this trick for me doesn't work anymore. You should try.
  3. Hi mcguinnessdr! how do you can do the hotswapping? If you don't do the hotswapping the eGPU is detected?
  4. You can find some informations here:
  5. To fix error 12 you should follow this guide:
  6. Hi DredLox! You got a syntax error. Are you sure to have edited correctly the file?
  7. I have the same issuer but with out Setup 1.30. How can help us? flyingfishfinger can we remain in contact to solve this issue? Send me a private message if you want it.
  8. Hy there! I have an interesting question that can help more people. If i extend the root bridge into 36 bit space that can allow me to use concurrently the eGPU and dGPU? That is important because due to some BIOS it's impossibile to disable the dGPU. If the dGPU isn't disable win 10 crash after the logo. Is that possibile?
  9. The HP laptops have a whitelist for the wifi card. You should disable the whitelist.
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