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  1. Thawsome

    [GUIDE] DSDT override to fix error 12

    Hey guys, i want to get my eGPU to work really bad. Trying to use GTX 750 on my Hp Elitebook 8570w (win10) with my expresscard slot and i think i need to do this DSDT override. However i am a complete noob when it comes to this stuff so i really do not understand what i am supposed to do in the above guide. Is there anyone willing to explain to me what i should do in more noob-friendly terms? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thawsome

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Hey, i am having the EXACT same problem with my setup. Trying to run a GTX 750 via expresscard slot on my HP Elitebook 8570w... cant seem to get anything to fix it
  3. Thawsome

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Hey guys, i hope someone here can help me out with this issue im having with the 1.3 setup. I am currently trying to run a GTX 750 through Expresscard slot on my HP Elitebook 8570w with 8gb ram (windows 10) WITHOUT an external display. I just updated to Windows 10, but since i did eGPU setup 1.3 isnt doing anything anymore. I did the mounting but when i boot, my laptop does not give me the option to use the setup and just boots normally. Any ideas? Edit: I got the setup 1.3 to run on windows 10, but when i successfully complete the compaction and continue to boot the eGPU no longer shows in my device manager or anything. I really want to get this to work. Any tips?
  4. Thawsome

    HP Elitebook 8570w Help

    Hey guys, i did decide to buy the eGPU setup 1.3 and i installed it and everything. But now after actually using it my eGPU is no longer even recognized, any tips?? Edit: I have now installed Windows 10, and now the eGPU setup is not doing anything at all. I do not have the option to use it when i boot, any ideas? Edit: I got the setup to run on windows 10, but i still have the issue that as soon as i do the compaction and boot my laptop the eGPU no longer even shows in device manager.
  5. Thawsome

    HP Elitebook 8570w Help

    Hey guys, i recently got started with getting an eGPU setup working on my HP Elitebook 8570w (Windows 7) . I am using the expresscard slot for the eGPU, as well as a GTX 750 graphics card. Currently my laptop is running a QuadroK100M which is pretty pathetic. I got the eGPU to run, but my laptop does not seem to be running off of it and i ran into error 12. I tried to disable my QuadroK1000M but that did not really do anything other than make games crash when i tried to run them. I did read about the DSDT override and the eGPU setup which could fix my problems, but i was wondering if there was any way to know whether i would run into error 12 with a different graphics card (i do not really understand why i am getting error 12). And also, is there anything i could actually mess up by doing a DSDT override (or screwing up while doing it) ?

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