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  1. rzrwolf

    Bios Prema Clevo P775DM3-G

    As far as i understood, it is not available for download except fo buying laptop, which is already packed with one, from one of Prema partners. However Eurocom replied to me that i can buy it as an upgrade for laptop. Not sure about method of delivery - hope its just download, not send and return service. I am also willing to pay for p775tm1 prema bios if someone is selling it.
  2. Guys, can anyone tell me what is difference between the prema bios and this unlocked bios? I would love to try it with my p775tm1, but cant find any detailed review or comparison) So far i guess i cant get PREMA bios now and should go with unlocked?
  3. rzrwolf

    Enable Intel graphics on P870TM1G BIOS?

    Hi! Can you write any review if it helped you to resolve internal graphics working?
  4. Send me PM or your email, i will try to help
  5. For those who may be interested - i got this laptop running with 750 GTX. Unlocked bios with EXP GDC.
  6. Hey guys! I think i have some solution - if someone willing to try - contact me.
  7. rzrwolf

    ACER V3 772G bios for overpassing 135mhz overlock limit

    Hello dear friends! I am new here, but was guided to come here from bios mods... I have acer v3-772g bios flashed from here with advanced tabs and slic.. https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-Acer-Aspire-V3-772G-variables-for-setup-var-decompiled?page=19 I am looking for modified bios to pass 135mhz restriction in vbios for 760m GTX graphics card.. Dear Klem, could you please share the modified bios for me? I am aware about mac/winkey/serial number to be chenged - and dont really care about that) Also, is it possible to modify the BIOS to override the default LCD backlight PWM setting? It is set to 200hz by default, but the screen flickers terribly when brightness is lower that 100% and intelpwmadjust utility does not work with new drivers =/

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