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  1. I choose Nvidia not by choice but it is more compatible with my software then ATI sadly I do like the ATI cards though for our military software simulator the higher bandwidth of memory helps a significant sum.
  2. I usually just gave with 800-1200 I find 1600 to be too much I also turn off the Mouse acceleration options in windows. I use a multitude of mice though got workstations and laptops all in my office but generally Logitech Laser and optical models I do love my A4tech X7 too bad Its on its last legs...I use a lead weighted MX518 was too light so i added lead weights in the body of the frame
  3. I have a K5000M with do you happen to have just a newer version of the bios I not looking for an OC bios just the newest one availible thanks
  4. I know from practice even HP, Lenovo Bios I have used also work on Clevo and MSI cards so far.
  5. volkov956

    Need a Bios

    Looking for a Clevo 4GB 680M bios unmodded does anyone have one? Thanks
  6. I just tried a 680m 2GB in my D900F atm it boots and etc but fails to boot into windows
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