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  1. Try using this method. It worked for me and is a lot easier
  2. Sure thing. I doubt its going to be stable with just a driver change. If you cannot buy a PE4C, make sure you use DDU to remove the 364 driver. I personally just allowed Windows find the best driver through windows update and it has been a charm. With my L440, even Gen 1 wasnt stable with the EXP Beast. It was so unstable that it would crash with a Kernel error and even though i take the eGPU apart, it wouldnot work except i wait for about 30mins for it to 'cool down'. With the EXP longest i played The Division was 48mins (Hadnt got Rocket League to test). I even tested continuous load on the card using MSI Afterburner to enable the fans and increase power and stuff to no avail too. The PE4C is very straight forward and i can actually plug and play the graphics with driver 358. When connected there is a safely remove icon beside the clock. I think i need to remove the HDMI cable to get the video to go back to my laptop prior to safely removing tho but its fine. With my previous X230 i had to shut down the whole computer prior to ejecting the video card.
  3. I had exactly this problem with my Nvidia 960 and my EXP Beast on my Lenovo L440. I had to sell my beast and buy a PE4C which is stable in gen 2. I had an Nvidia error with the PE4C tho when i updated to the newest nvidia drivers (364 or so) so i wiped my computer and let windows update download the driver instead of going to nvidia.com. Windows downloaded the 358 driver and it has been stable ever since. Played The Division and Rocket League for more than 6 hours straight
  4. Hello all, i have a Lenovo L440 and an EXP Beast. My eGPU is a 4GB MSI Gaming 960. I had a Lenovo X230 before and everything was great, upgraded to an L440 to take advantage of the quad core i7-4702MQ. But i have been having Generation 2 stability issues with the L440. I have created a DSDT override and have Large Memory in Control Panel, When windows starts, i can put the computer to sleep and connect the card and it gets detected. The only problem is that after a while, the card just shuts off on its own and i get an Nvidia Kernel 360 error message and the video comes back to the internal display from my external monitor. I have tried SetUp 1.3 to compact the eGPU to 56.25. I did my DSDT override from Windows directly and didnt use SetUp 1.3 but yet even with compaction i still have the card shutting down on me every now and then. I can confirm both my card and the EXP are in good working condition and i have a power supply from Dell for 220W. With the X230 it was stable for hours but with the L440 I cant get past 40mins of The Division before it crashes. I dont think its a driver issue as the card also stops functioning when im in the SetUp 1.3 environment. Im really confused and i dont know what more to do. Some one also complained of the stability issues here but some other people have success with the L440 here im really confused about what to troubleshoot next. I dont know how to acheive the DSDT through SetUp 1.3 but i already have it done from here Please any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. exactly....its not like we didnt pay.
  6. Really can some one just send the Setup 1.3 software please? Its been 3 days. I have gen 2 stability issues with my Lenovo L440 so i need the software to play The Division
  7. Hey @Tech Inferno Fan please can you send me the Setup 1.3?? I finally got my DSDT override working after going down to Windows 7. I tried to follow that link but it was listed as private. Also replied the mail you sent me with the original link. Thanks
  8. Hey @Tech Inferno Fan i paid for the eGPU 1.3 but the Mediafire link is private. Can you please send me the link again or give me access?? Thanks
  9. Hello Petroll. I have the same computer with the same specs. I am having trouble setting up the DSDT override. can u please lead me through? I would appreciate it a whole lot I get an aml file that is about 64kb i dont know if i am doing the right thing. Please help. Thanks
  10. Hello @Harris please how did u do the DSDT overide?? i am struggling to sort that out prior to the compaction
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