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  1. Any news regarding updated PE4L with resolved gen2 issues? It's starting to take quite a lot of time...
  2. Has anyone tried Setup 1.30 with Windows 10 insider previews (preferably recent builds)? If so, is it possible to use the same DSDT table or is it necessary to recreate it?
  3. I'd love to know that as well and also are there any news regarding the revamped PE4L without gen2 issues? It's taking longer than I've expected...
  4. Anyone who can test eGPU (x1 gen1/2) with GTA V?
  5. Hi, any chance someone might test GTA V on gen2x1 and gen1x1 link with a eGPU that is (regarding raw power) somewhere around NVidia 560 Ti? Thanks in advance.
  6. Any news regarding updated BPlus adapter without gen2 problems? I'd very much appreciate having it before GTA V is released .
  7. It should be but if I were you I'd wait for the soldered cable version that has gen2 speed problems resolved.
  8. BTW: Since PE4C 2.1 suffers gen2 inconsistency problems is there any reason why one should not buy PE4C V1.2 which has (at least as it seems to me) soldered cable (and full PCI-E x"16" slot)? PE4C V1.2 (PCIe x16 Adapter)
  9. BTW, What happened with M.2 (B/M) enclosures?
  10. Currently having gen2 stability issues. Will provide the results as soon as I resolve those.
  11. I'd appreciate if you could test the shorter cable with NVidia cards that had problems with signal integrity and write here whether it helped or not... I'm currently thinking about buying PE4C 2.1 (already have Dell power brick) and ditching EXP GDC beast because of gen2 stability problems...
  12. I'm having similar problems just with the exception that I wouldn't say that the crashes happen sometimes but actually quite frequently (once / twice per CSGo game). Switching to gen1 solves it but then bandwidth problem arises. EXP GDC Beast, NVidia 560Ti, Dell 220W brick. Actually thinking about buying PE4C V2.1...
  13. I knew about it but due to the fact that neither hot-plugging nor cold-boot-plugging worked for me it just made me think that there must be something wrong with GPU/enclosure (which as I later found out wasn't the case).
  14. Hi, Used: EXP GDC Beast DIY eGPU Setup 1.3 (PM Tech Inferno Fan for pruchase) NVidia GPU (GTX 560Ti) Dell 220W power brick ThinkPad L440 (more below) What didn't work (with either NVidia GTX560 or AMD R9 270): Hotplugging always resulted in either nothing happening or screen freeze (both in Win and Setup 1.30). Pre-boot plug-in always (no matter what delay switches settings I used) always froze PC on POST (with exception below). Pre-boot plug-in with everything (USB, camera, ...) disabled in BIOS worked well but the card didn't get recognized, ever. NOTE: Both GPUs and the EXP GDC were fine. What worked (a tale how I made it work): Apply DSDT override (its safer via setup 1.30 because you can always not boot using it and therefore load up original DSDT table) It works for Windows 8.1 You can mount the .img file using eGPU-setup-mount.bat and then simply copy the .aml file to it. [*]Prepare the setup (plug the GPU into Beast, wire up PSU, ...) but don't plug the ExpressCard in. [*](Optional) Boot to setup 1.30 and do the DSDT file loading. [*]Boot to Windows, log in, and put the laptop in sleep mode. [*]Plug in the ExpressCard. [*]Wake up notebook. [*]Install drivers and play! --- Lenovo L440: i7 4712MQ 4(8)*2.3 GHz; 8GB RAM, 180GB boot Intel SSD instead of optical drive, 14'' HD+ display, Windows 8.1 + Setup 1.3 + Ubuntu 14.04 (?).
  15. So, I've just made the whole setup work with GT560 Ti . I'm currently writing a thorough guide but would like to thank a few people first. Probably the person that has helped me the most was @darkydark and (obviously) @Tech Inferno Fan but practically everyone here deserves my thanks. So, thank you very much!
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