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  1. Hey I hope your enjoying your M18x.

  2. It's not a bad screen. I'd say it's pretty darn good. Considering it's a non-standard size it looks like it's the best they can do for now. I have no complaints. And I did use a RGBLED for a year.
  3. Matte screens are horrible outside. And the M18x screen, even uncalibrated it just fine. I had the RGBLED on the M17x-R2 and it was awesome but this isn't a colossal downgrade and now that I have it in hand I feel a little silly for being concerned in the first place.
  4. When I get home I'll download some benching software from the other threads and post some stuffs. I've been mainly trying to optimize the Intel 510 and I think I've squeezed out as much as I can.
  5. Yeah, that was my first thought. It was the one that came with the M18x, too. Data is all set. Moved everything to the C drive. Argh.
  6. This is basically me just bitching at this point but I think something is wrong with the Momentus XT in my unit. Every so often I'll get a hang in the system (typically close to booting up) and then I get that error msg followed by the drive dissappearing (D in this case, the Intel 510 is my main drive). It has "come back" every time it's gone away after a reboot but I've now seen it between 3-5 times. Also, something is making a squeaking noise. Argh. Something tells me I'll be popping this thing open again to remove the drive and start the troubleshooting there. ... I really hope it's not the Intel SSD.
  7. It even prompts you for the reboot when you remove the power cord. Nice touch.
  8. No, it's basically just a wireless HDMI connection. However, you could just clone the screen to the display and have access to everything on your M18x.
  9. Are you asking if it works as advertised? It does.As for the "worth it" part, that's really up to you. It's a luxury that I like to have since I use the laptop quite a bit on my TV for media and gaming.
  10. Best is different for everyone. All depends on if you are looking for speed versus reliability versus size.
  11. Come Monday I *should* be able to run a few benches and such. Huzzah. I also snapped and picked up the Intel 510 (256gb). Just couldn't go with the 320 series when I know the newer drives can take more advantage of the SATA III.
  12. Le drat. Still in production. Not that I'll have much time to play. But still.
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