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  1. master98

    no acer love in here

    I love my 3830TG Its served me very well. I got a super deal on it too back in 2011 for 480 off of Craigslist. i just wish they had soldered on the second msata connection so i could have put an ssd there.
  2. master98

    Acer W700 Bios Password

    There are a couple utilities out there that you could try. I would check out hirens boot cd first. The other option is to disassemble the laptop and remove the cmos battery and leave it overnight and reassemble.
  3. master98

    Cooling a 5750G?

    Have you tried a laptop cooler? I highly suggest cooler master notepal series.
  4. Damn that eGPU adapter is boss! It could be possible that that mpcie slot does not support the gpu. I heard that some of the slots have different specs.

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