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  1. Hi! I have this machine in the work HP 8300 USDT , and my boss if going to re-emplace it in a month if I'm lucky, but I ask to my boss if he gift me my unit and say yes, this pc has a MXM 3.0A slot, and HP offer a AMD 7650A as GPU, but I want to to install something better. I know HP bios is 99.9% RSA signed, the part number give me this image: The card is has it own vBIOS, so I suppose the isn't anything the HP BIOS that block me to use other card, And HP shares the BIOS with all the models in the category like towers and they don't have any problme to update the GPUS to any Brand. Do you thinks that is possible to upgrade to any MXM board that it have vBIOS chip or it is more tricky?
  2. Hi! My name is ROTOR and I'm to understand a know more about MXM cards!!!!!!! P.D. I think I hate HP RSA signed bios but I'm not sure at the moment
  3. Hi! I'm ROTOR i i Come here to read a lot understand, had hopelly buy a used clevo and mod with it P.D. & Improve my english
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