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  1. In my laptop I have 2 GPU's, one main and one is in an "ultrabay" which you can remove/add really easy. This one I flashed using a program called "nvflash". The other one, as explained by Klem above, can't be flashed seperately. This one is flashed together with the main BIOS. So I think, yours can not be flashed seperately but is included in your main BIOS.
  2. @Klem Sorry, I wasn't able to use my computer until today, I updated to stock Lenovo BIOS but I didn't have my old wifi adapter with me so I couldn't turn on my laptop anymore lol. Today I swapped the wifi adapters and tried to flash BIOS again, I have no more problems with my SLI GPU's! Solution (That worked for me): I kept the 2nd GPU flashed with the custom vBIOS, I DID NOT!!! flash to stock vBIOS! Installed the update to stock Lenovo BIOS v. 3.05 Downgraded to BIOS V 2.07 Prayed to the BIOS GODS! Flashed BIOS to custom BIOS V. 3.05 by @svl7 PROBLEM SOLVED! @Klem thanks for helping me out!
  3. Hi Klem, I'm going to try this tonight, we've got the busiest week of the year at work so I didn't have time to try this yet, will post results here too! Thanks for replying.
  4. Hey guys! Earlier this week I upgrade my laptop with a new network card. I bought a Intel WiFi AC 7260 for my Lenovo Y510p. So most of you probably know, Lenovo's BIOS has a whitelist. So I flashed the BIOS so that I could use the new network card. This happened without any problems, I installed the network card and booted my laptop. Drivers worked the moment I logged in and connecting to a network was easy and fast. Checked speedtest.net for the up and down speeds, perfect! There is a problem I encounterd though, it has nothing to do with my BIOS (I think) or my new network card. It has something to do with my GPU's. I run an SLI configuration of 2 x Nvidia GeForce GT755m. (one main, one ultrabay) I was following a guide made by @svl7 about flashing the BIOS. After the part of flashing the BIOS there was something about flashing the vBIOS too, because if you are running 2 GPU's it was not going to work properly. When flashing the vBIOS I encountered the problem. As explained by the guide, I used NVflash to flash vBIOS, when using the command "nvflash -a" to view adapters and their "index" they were on "0" and "1". I tried to flash both of them, "1" flashed easily without any problems, "0" did not flash at all. Now the error displayed was: "ERROR: GPU NOT DETECTED." Has anyone got an idea of how to fix this? I'm not able to flash one of the GPU's. If I play a videogame on my laptop, every now and then (intervals of 1-5 minutes) my screen goes black, audio stutters and comes back to normal after a few seconds. Hope you guys can help me out! If there's any info you need let me know and I'll edit the post!
  5. It noticed there is no solution yet for this problem, I got a problem that's much a like. Maybe now someone knows how to fix this? You could see this as a small *bump* of the topic.
  6. I've been using the Intel AC 7260 for a few days now, had no problems at all. Connects quickly, finds all the networks, didn't have to install any drivers. Speed increased drastically, checked with an online speedtest, with the N2260 I couldn't get over 50Mbits p/s. Now with the AC7260 I get the full 200Mbits p/s I pay my ISP for lol. Only problem I encountered was before installing. Lenovo has a BIOS whitelist that needs to be altered or deleted if you want to install the AC7260. I used @svl7's guide to flash to an unlocked BIOS. I will link it for you down below.
  7. Hey guys, so I've followed this guide to flash bios and vbios of my Y510p. All worked fine until I reached the vbios flashing. Flashed the vbios by following all steps. So I run a SLI setup, flashed index=1 first, this went without any problems, but index=0 showed me an error. "ERROR: Detecting GPU failed." I should flash both GPU's right? Or just the ultrabay one? Hope you can help me out, been trying to figure it out all day. SOLVED. See my thread!
  8. Hello, My name is Ramy, I'm from the Netherlands. Young computer fanatic that is slowly learning all there is about computers. I own a Lenovo Y510P that I'm trying to upgrade, that's how I got on this forum, through a thread @svl7 placed on flashing the BIOS Hoping to learn a lot here and if I'm able to, maybe even help out here and there. Looking forward to meet the community!
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