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  1. Why Can't I get 1200MHZ Stable on my GTX EVGA 780 ACX SC? Will this modded vbios help (My voltage is at max stock +37)?
  2. Hey Phila! I have a Clevo P150EM, Maybe the same as you? If not then maybe the heat problem is because it's a 15.6" but I doubt that. I have IC-Dimond Caret 7 coming in the mail soon though so maybe the thermal compound I currently have on the processors is either had better days or is not something premium? What is the average ambient temperature of the room that you tested in for the results that you got and will 2 or 3 degrees higher than yours affect my results (Just so I can get an idea on how much ambient temperature affects the core temperature)? Also when I get this temperature problem fixed will a constant clock of 958/2386 like yours take away from the overall life of my 680m, Will I get artifacts sooner than when I would if I didn't overclock? I unsure about this because I was reading about OverVolting and how it can eventually ruin your GPU with artifacts and such? Also do you think running @ 85C Max (If I can get as low as that) is bad for a stable overclock to run all the time? And with my card currently getting to 89C Max maybe even 90 for a split second is that damaging my GPU at all? Thank you Phila, and anyone else who can help my Mighty Overclocking Venture Best Regards
  3. Hey guys I'm new round here and I have svI7's vbios installed on my Clevo GTX 680m currently running @ 958/1150 and I just have a couple of questions + Need to build up my 5 posts to have full site access ( I Already paid the $5 fee because because I couldn't wait to download!), but that ran out, I don't even know when lol. Firstly: is the " - OCEdition no OV" newer than the " - OCEdition no OV" and is it better, more stable? because I'm using the "" ? Secondly: My 680m with even the stock clocks for the vbios mod by svI7 (758) goes to 89C when the GPU is being utilized 99% in Crysis 3. Why is this happening? My retailer said that they would be putting IC-Diamond on the GPU and CPU both but giving their track record for customer service plus there was something missing when I received it, I doubt they even touched that. Anyways is this normal for my GPU to run at 89C even at lower clocks? at the moment when it does get to 89C it instantly jumps to 603/504 or something, throttling I guess but Will the IC-Diamond help it if I repaste it? Thirdly: Where is the 920 core stock Saltius vbios mod for the GTX 680m that I keep reading about? is it an older version that's not really used anymore? Fourthly: (Sorry for so many questions i'm sure they will help others) - When I install the vbios mod my fps in MSI Kombustor went from 60-63 to about 91-93 FPS without me even touching any clocks, Do you know why that is? and How did you make these mods? I'm sure they are hard and time consuming and require a lot of knowledge but how do you do it if you don't mind me asking? also Is there a limit for how many times you can write a vbios to the ROM? Thank you very much svI7 and any other user who can answer my questions
  4. happycamper1221

    Crysis 3

    Can't wait for this game... The multiplayer beta is open for download on origin right now, Loving it
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