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  1. Well, we have to wait gerald response since he made those adapters himself. but my initial guess is the hardware straps are different for 750 and 755. so if the adapter has hardware straps for 755m, the bios of the 750m laptop wont let it pass. and hardware straps are bunch of resistors that give each *ultrabay card* its identity. if my guess is correct, you can theoretically change one of the resistors mounted on the the adapter and it should work.
  2. Andrew54, ManyStrongWords, which internal gpu do originally have 750m or 755m?
  3. can you test the it out with another card? it could be related to 480 high power draw from the pcie slot. https://m.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/4qfwd4/rx480_fails_pcie_specification/, I'm kinda disappointed to hear that. i havent received my adapter yet, but i was planning on hooking it up with an rx 480.
  4. hello, according to gerald, you must use an external screen. and the 20 pin connection is to power the gpu since the adapter doesnt draw any power from the laptop. I have ordered one, once it arrives, I might review it.
  5. hi Gerald, I purchased the adapter using the first link before it went down, do I have to be concerned about it? Is it going to ship normally?
  6. Hi, I think you have to install a modded bios to white list your egpu. normally laptops manufactures locks the bios to a certain mpcie wifi adapter.
  7. using a cable is inefficient and expensive, although hdmi 2.0 cables can handle up to 18 Gbps of transfer bandwidth, you still have to come up with a matching circuit to use them which may involve modifying the cable itself. for me this kind of work seem to require special industrial grade equipment and not something you can do by yourself. Currently there are adapters that use hdmi cables as a transmission lines, but keep in mind, those adapters connect to mpcie or expresscard slots, they carry much lower bandwidth than a pcie 3.0 x8 and you can still see even at lower pcie 2 x1.1 speeds, they suffer from performance losses, part of the losses imo due to the transmission medium. I don't know about gerald's pcb design, but I guess he already took into consideration the correct width of pcb traces (strip lines). Supporting the adapter can be done by placing a piece of card board or foam under it to take the physical stress from the motherboard.
  8. Pretty Cool. I'll be waiting for that. Can't wait to put my hands on one of these adapters.
  9. Congratulation! Pretty interesting numbers, performance is on par with desktop setups. I would love to see your project funded, but that is very unlikely to happen given that there isn't much demand for it. I hope more people would donate upon seeing the benchmarks. I have never tried fund raising before. so i have a dumb question. Do backers get their reward (pcie card) regardless of the kickstarter results?
  10. looks very promising. can u post some benchmark scores when the x8 is out?
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