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  1. Hello, That would basically just turn it into a mobile desktop... What is your current battery life?
  2. Hy, In the same situation as you but with a W170ER. I am loving this lappy, it actually made me put the desktop away.. My costs were actually a lot lower.
  3. Hello, Basically you would like to be able to undervolt/ underclock your laptop for longer battery life, and overclock when plugged in for performance... Sounds sweet, but does that mean that you would have to tweak BIOS setting all the time? @ Prema : would there be any possibility of saving 2 sets of BIOS tweaks and just loading them when needed? like a sort of save/load config menu in BIOS?
  4. Hello, Are you sure you need a 4 SSD RAID array? An SSD is already very fast, I would only use 2 of them in Stripped RAID and the other 2 as storage space... I am pretty sure that by today you have already tested... what solution did you test?
  5. Hy all, I just came across an opportunity to get an older Clevo model for really cheap (w170er). I am actually surprised by this unit in terms of noise, battery life, computing power... Before this I have only owned "normal" laptops but from now on I will definitely consider saving on cash for a gaming laptop. I have no experience with MSI or Alienware.
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