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  1. I appreciate this thread. Does anyone know if the DA-2 can just use an 8 pin pcie to 2 x 6 pcie adapter? With paperclip starter trick if necessary? I mean if I do not need the barrel plug on my eGPU can't I just use 2 x 6 pcie? Is there something I'm missing about the way the power is output or won't my GPU card just pull the watts it needs up to about 220 watts or so? It would adjust rated 18A output to what the card needs automatically right? I think there is a 12v "rail" just like any PSU. edit: I see from an earlier post... " DA-2 doesn't use PCIe power interface" .. so i guess there will have to be some re-routing of wires. After the re-routing I can treat it like a PCIe power interface though right?
  2. thanks for reply, but I'm using a different setup... PE4L and DA-2 ... no akitio on hand because no thunderbolt in my house!
  3. great info here... so adobe premiere/media encoder/after effects, etc do benefit for rendering but not playback? are people still using GPU sniffer with El Capitan?
  4. thanks for reply! Would I have better luck with an AMD/Radeon HD 4850 in my pe4L expresscard eGPU setup? I thought I was close because I have Nvidia Chip Model show up in system profiler with my GTX460, but maybe I'm in over my head?!
  5. Anyone know if this step is required for all eGPUs on OSX? The part to modify kext with board ID? In some circumstances is this eGPU screen output enabled by default without modifying kexts? Detects your Mac board-id and enables eGPU screen output
  6. so we don't have a good US supplier of current rating 6.25A+ barrel connectors? Sounds like something radioshack would have... but the stores left are pretty watered down. The barrel connectors I've found that won't take 5 weeks to arrive are all 5A rating.
  7. I'm no expert but just wanted to say thanks for drawing the diagram. So the 6pin female is a better choice than the 8pin female so that the "pin trick" can be used for startup? So to be clear 75W will go to the box (akitio) and 75W will go to the card vie PCIE 8pin for a total of 150W? I'm looking to do this too (ordering parts tomorrow) but I am wondering if this cable setup will work with even higher power cards? lower power cards? edit: just wondering is it confirmed that the CCTV barrel plug you list is rated to pass 6.25A?
  8. So you're saying there's a chance! As long as I'm not using a UEFI module?
  9. Thanks for reply! So is the issue a Clover UEFI thing or just a UEFI thing? I'm thinking about trying chameleon or chimera instead of clover if it might help make this work.
  10. `HP 4530s i3 HD3000. I run OSX 10.11 and have an expresscard slot that works with an adapter to run an egpu under windows 7/8/10, but I haven't done it myself yet.
  11. hello. can anyone comment on whether I'll have any luck with setup 1.3 and my hardware below? Hardware etc. PE4L v2.1b w/ expresscard/34 adapter HP Probook 4530s i3 (HD3000) OSX 10.11 via Clover UEFI (hackintosh) ASUS ENGTX460 video card Is it going to be possible to use setup 1.3 to help me run the above system in osx 10.11? You mention setup working for for macbooks but maybe that is only over TB and not expresscard? Also I thought I read something about needing a MBR (non-UEFI) windows 7 installation in your notes for the setup 1.3 software. I know there are other people who have been successful with setup 1.x and windows 7 on the the 4530s, but I'm looking for some El Capitan love. Also I think my bottleneck is going to be the 2.5 gt/s of the expresscard slot, but maybe its the GTX460.
  12. I'm enjoying reading this discussion and I'm wondering if this github script will help me at all with my PE4L 2.1b expresscard adapter. I think this is only for thunderbolt? I guess my only option is the DIY setup 1.3 from nando? Very interesting too about having to disable SIP in 10.11. Doesn't that mess with sleep functions?
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