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  1. Hei Jon thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I did not manage to solve the problem...damn. I hope someone will notice this thread and provide some useful info, else it's game over for me.
  2. Hello, I was having a look at the Tech|Inferno Elite membership paid plan but the only option is to pay using credit card. Would it be possible to do it without cc (eg. by using Paypal)? I am asking because I am not very used to write my cc details on websites other than Paypal/Amazon. In the case no other option is available, could someone explain how the credit cards details are stored in the website or how they are processed? Thanks
  3. how does he even manage to choose which of the 950 games to play??? i have ~20 btw, more than enough for my gaming skills!
  4. Nothing yet? I have tried to clean appropriately all the contacts in the mobo and on the graphic card but still nothing... I always have the very same problem. Hope someone can help! Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, i have been reading a lot about this topic but i cannot figure out what's my problem. I have a m17x r3 with win7 and since my gpu did not work anymore i decided to upgrade it and got a 765M. This is what i did: Since this link for the modded A12 bios in this forum is no longer working, i looked for the modded A12 bios on google and found the one on this post http://portables4gamers.com/forum/topic/18078-m17x-r3-bios-a012-bios-a012-unlocked/ so i downloaded the modded version (second link) and installed it Starting win7 in safe mode I uninstalled every audio driver and nvidia driver Reboot and F2 into BIOS, then Integrated sound card disabled -> disable the integrated graphics - Second Advanced Menu ->Video Configuration -> set display to PEG ->F10 I then shut down the computer Removed the old card, put the new 765M (with thermal pads etc...) Started the PC and the monitor "lights up" but it stays blank, i see nothing, just the backlight on, but nothing more: pure black Since i could do nothing, I removed the CMOS battery, waited for 30 secs and then put it back in Turned the PC on again, now the screen turns on but it stucks on the screen with the alienware logo, the "loading bar" goes from 0 to 100% but I cannot access BIOS, not even boot in safe mode, nor anything else (i read somewhere that this seems like a BIOS problem, not recognizing the gpu...) If i put the old (non working) card instead of the 765M, i can then re-access the BIOS I'm really lost, hope you can help me. Thanks a lot!
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