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  1. Oh, thanks. It would take me some time to flash it. I have observed three types of behaviour in MSI GT683: 1. for nVidia 765m and 770m: MSI Logo screen visible but no possibility to enter BIOS or beyond. 2. for AMD 8970m (declared as working previously in Clevo): black screen, do not know if system is loading. 3. Could not power on for various incompatible MXM cards, or broken cards @Bloetschkopf: You have given me vBIOS it is enough for that 765m, to just flash the MXM card? What about BIOS, do I have to flash unlocked BIOS firstly? For that AMD 8970m it is common behaviour in that MS-16F2 laptop with original BIOS, so that there is black screen? Why nVidia cards present MSI Logo screen and AMD just black?
  2. I have a problem with GTX 765m with my GT683/MS-16F2, when I insert it only start screen is displayed with MSI logo and BIOS cheat sheet, but no reaction for any key. After 20seconds LCD becomes black. I do not have any other GFX (original is broken), how can I change settings in BIOS, that "Legacy ROM" is an option in original BIOS or it is required to install modified BIOS?
  3. Has anyone been using Slim IDE to SATA frame adapter (in shape of laptop CD-ROM drive) like this one?: New Universal SATA Super Slim 12 7mm 2nd Hard Disk Driver HDD Frame for Laptop | eBay I have bought one and try to use SATA HDD, in Fujitsu-Siemens v3505 CD-ROM compartment, as it is impossible, now, to buy new JAE50 (old IDE port for optical drives in laptops) DVD-RW or Blu-ray. The problem is that when I insert that installation frame, in BIOS there is no device detected, also in Windows there is nothing visible. I do not hear any sound of HDD, should I, or drive is only powered when detected? Is it some BIOS software related issue or hardware problem?
  4. I would like to update Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro v3505 with new mPCI 802.11ac card, but after installing new hardware, BIOS shows WiFi options as lighten (not possible to change state disable/enable). Windows 10 sees the card in Device Manager (drivers installed for WiFi and BT) but the device seems not working? Do I need to flash some unlock BIOS or it is different issue?
  5. Has anyone else try this blind update? I would welcome any blind update, as my graphic card is broken and I need to inser new one but there is a need to unlock BIOS first, but no image is displayed...
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