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  1. I already installed the last bios for My laptop and I sent an email to acer support but they will not upgrade it... However I'd like to put in My laptop 2 slots 8 gb RAM but I tried to insert one of them but it does not recognize it
  2. Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5750G, and Iwouldlike to upgrade RAM but this model doesn't recognize 8gb RAM unit...so I can't put in it 16 gb RAM as I would like to do...can you help me please? I also like to know if there is a method for upgrading the videocard (I have a Nvidia GeForce GT540M 1GB) mounting anew one...I'd like to have at least a 2 gb videocard...Thanks a lot at all
  3. Hi to all, Yesterday I flashed new stock version of the Bios for my MSI GT683, but at the same moment I done it my pc shutted of, so now when I switch on it it appears only black screen... I downloaded the unlocked bios for my laptop that I found on the forum, but I'd like to know what buttons I have to spam to do the flash process. I read this method: In case of a BAD flash, a blind-flash will be required. .1. Remove any files from your USB that aren't the necessary bootable DOS files. 2. Pick a ROM you want to flash (doesn't have to be the original), but it MUST be one for your notebook specifically. 3. Rename the file.ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM and put it on your flash drive. 4. Plug in your flash drive in a USB 2.0 slot. 5. As soon as your notebook turns on and nothing is displayed, spam Ctrl + Home (In my case, the MS-16F2 is Ctrl + Fn + PgUp or Ctrl + Shift + NumPad 7). 6. You should hear four (4) beeps and the BIOS should begin flashing itself. My problem is that I spam the buttons CTRL FN PGUP or CTRL SHIFT NUMPAD7 but nothing happens, so I think the buttons are different. I use a FAT32 4 GB pendrive. I have to make it bootable with a program or it is ok?Can you help me please?
  4. Hi to all, I have a desktop PC with these features: Motherboard: ASUS P5LD2 SE Processor: Intel Pentium E5300 2.6 GHZ Video Card: ATI Radeon X700 512 MB RAM: 3 GB DDR 2 Can I do anything for overclocking it? for example a tool for my Video Card or an unlocked Bios...can you say to me the best solution?
  5. I had the same problem time ago, and the only solution I've foud was to replace the HD... probably your HD has many broken clusters...so you can use it as external but no as internal.
  6. I know that WD external hard drives have some problems of quality...there are 2 friends of mine that had them and they broken the external hard drives in few months... I prefer Silicon Power external hard drives
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