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    Works great and super easy to get up and running with NVIDIA GPUs. Used it flawlessly for 5 months before I was able to build a desktop rig.

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  2. Nice to see someone else use the HighPoint enclosure, I personally find it better than the Thunder2. Nice case too, I made the mistake to not think ahead and got a standard ATX PSU so am not able to use any SFX enclosures for my Asus 980Ti Strix card.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a great eGPU setup with the Rockstar 6361A with a Asus 980 TI Strix and an Evga 650 P2. I have been looking at the Xigmatek Eris for a case but am wondering if anyone knows how tight their tolerances are. It says it fits a 300mm GPU strix being 305mm (with shroud). If need be I can remove the shroud but there is no mention of how high of a gpu it supports. It looks like my GPU will fit but there is no way to tell for sure. Should I just go for it and see if I can squeeze it in or use the Elite 130 (bigger than I would like) that I know it will fit in?
  4. Thought I would give an update on my setup. I now have a Asus 980 TI Strix and it perfectly stable. I personally think this enclosure is much better than the Thunder2 specifically for not needing to make a barrel plug (something I did at first though). Windows is tricky to get it to boot but that is a Windows thing and does work (have not tried setup 1.3). Another thing that is nice about this enclosure is it has auto on/off support meaning if it is not connected to a computer the gpu is completely powered off. It also has two fan headers if your case needs them. The enclose that is a very nice all aluminum though is not able to be used unless you use a single slot gpu sadly. TL;DR Great solution alternative to the Thunder2 for only $30 more ($219 B&H Free/Shipping) with much easier setup and features.
  5. @tranj10 Did you ever get a working setup? I have a very similar setup with similar problems. I am booting Windows 10 of a USB drive that was installed using WinToUsb. It freezes on the boot screen most times but in the rare cases it does boot, everything works fine. I have been unable to figure out what make it fail or succeed although booting into Mac first and then restarting directly to windows seems to work more reliability.
  6. Here are some pictures http://imgur.com/a/QhJQq, note this is with the 960. I also have a barrel plug that takes power from PCIe cable but am trying molex at the moment. Have not had a single crash from the 960 so this enclosure could be 100% stable with Nvidia.
  7. @goalque I have tried connecting the molex directly and that powers it as well but still crashes. Looking for any suggestions on what I can try to get it stable. I have a 960 that I can test to see if its a R9 390 specific issue like the Thunder. I plan on retuning the enclosure by Feb 1st if we are unable to make it stable, will repurpose GPU and PSU for a computer latter down the line.
  8. Windows 10 is a lot more stable than 8.1 for me. The crashes where common at the very start but after a while it become stable. I raw stress test and memory tests for 30min it was stable enough that I could play some Insurgency after (Was a blast at max settings 120fps). Once trying to launch Just Cause 2 though it died. In the process breaking the win install due to force shutting down the computer. When it crashes there seems to be two types. Type 1: Hardware cursor gets large and pixelated then sometimes static like screen output and then video drops. Type 2: Sudden freeze resulting in stuttering audio and eventually black freeze. Type 1 happens soon after boot within 5 - 15 min unsure why but seems to have stopped. Type 2 the one I have been having problems with recently is interesting as it does not happen with load or idle. Does not crash the system only the GPU. Type 2 is what happened the last time after it was running for over an hour with fluctuating load. I clicked display settings in JC2 and at that instant the audio stuttered and had to shutdown the card. If anyone has any idea on what could be causing the random drops I would be open to test things. Here are the GPU-Z logs of the last 3 crashes if they provide any help. (Ignore the small group in beginning thats the NVIDA gpu) Crash 1: Crash 1 - Pastebin.com Crash 2: Crash 2 - Pastebin.com Crash 3: Part 1: Crash 3 part 1 - Pastebin.com 2: Crash 3 part 2 - Pastebin.com As for Mac support I have not been able to get it to boot, just getting a black screen. Have not messed with it at all as Windows is my main priority at the moment to stabilize. Also I am currently using a CX750M as my EVGA 650 got delayed. Edit: GOOD NEWS! I am 99.99% sure the issue is the PSU as I have been able to monitor the amps in and watch it drop to almost zero before crashing as well as voltage being 11.65. If it turns out that this is the case than this enclosure should be stable with R9 3xx cards. Now I get to work on Mac integration. Will be posting in a provision thread from here on out as to not clutter this thread.
  9. Status update: I have got it all setup and working but there has been some stability problems, probably similar to the AKiTio Thunder 2. It works fine and is stable in Windows 8.1 for about 5 - 10 min and then either freezes or black screens. I have not been able to install AMD Crimson due to it saying there is no AMD card but I was able to import the windows driver to get video output. Mac support has its issues too with not liking two monitors. Both Windows and Mac were stable at one point but then something changed and its unstable now. Trying Windows 10 now to see how that works. I do have FileVault enabled which I know has been talked about possibly affecting Mac support but like I said it was stable at one point.
  10. Chassis arrived today and is confirmed to be 5.5 x 2.5 mm barrel plug. Looking to assemble everything this weekend, will keep everyone updated on how it turns out.
  11. It looks like it uses a 7mm x 2.5mm barrel plug by comparing the thunderbolt port to the barrel size (crude I know) which is going to make making a barrel adapter hard. Will know for sure when I have it in my hand but it does not look like it is a standard barrel plug. Update: Found a higher res image (thanks Apple) could very well be a 5.5 x 2.5mm.
  12. I would be willing to take a crack at it. I have started ordering things to make an eGPU for a Late 2013 Retina with 750M. Have already ordered the PSU and am hopping to get the Sapphire R9 390 during a deal. I can return the PSU and PCIe Chassis if it does not work out but I can not return the card for an Nvidia ect. If there is nothing obviously wrong with this enclosure I will go ahead with it and give it a shot. I would be stuck with an unstable card if this does not though but willing to take that chance. I am aware that the card is too long to fit inside the chassis, I will test outside first and if it works I will modify the chassis. Update: Ordered GPU and cables. Ordering the PCIe Sunday.
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