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  1. I got 4 Clevos the last 5 years, and there are 2 things i love most about them! 1. You can unscrew them very easy, so you can clean/change almost every part fast&easy. 2. With the help of Prema you can upgrade and support even older models with better Hardware/Performance parts
  2. ES and QS Sample CPUs can be OCed via Multiplier aswell by the way (unlocked). The Guy in the Interview managed to unlock the Microcode update so he can "tell" the CPU what max. Ratio it has. Works only with Hardware Mod.
  3. Walking Dead (both), The 100, Big Bang, The Last Ship, The Strain
  4. Clevo P150SM (Prema Mod v.2) I7-4700MQ 2,4GHz, 6MB Cache 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz Geforce GTX770M 3GB (997MHz, 1340MHz) 2x Samsung Evo 850 mSATA 256GB Raid0 1x Samsung 1000GB SATA Storage
  5. I had the Problem with my P150SM (GTX770M) ´, that on various Games (ex. Homefront, both Metro Games, GTA5) under FullHD the screen flickers. But only under DX11 and FullHD. Other Resolutions or the switch to DX10 runs everything fine! The Problem most (me too) people had is an issue of the Intel HD graphics card switches 60p Hz in FullHD DX11 gaming back to 60i Hz on an external Screen. That causes the screen flickers and made gaming annoying. Searching the net made the most hits like "install newest driver" or "switch back to the driver of the brand" (Clevo in my case). Tried all of these suggestions but nothing worked. The solution is (in my case) very simpel at all: (made with Driver (17.07.2015)) 1. go to the Intel graphics options 2. under "Display" you can find "user defined Resolution" 3. Warning appears "changes can cause crashes" ect. 4. there you can choose between "internal Display" or the external (S273HL in my Case) 5. put the 1920x1080 60p in both Displays and "add" them to the List. My Screen goes for 2sec. black and after it was back on every game works fine in FullHD with DX11!
  6. Saw "Der Marsianer" yesterday in 3D and the Film is quiet nice and intressting for a 140min. 80% one man Show. The only thing i was missing where the "big" 3D Effects.
  7. Hey Folks, Currently Running a P150SM (GTX770M) and a P170EM (GTX675MX) from eBay for 450€ each
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