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  1. Hello Klem, I have an y50-70 with GTX960M 4G & i7 4720HQ. I would like to go past the 135 MHz in overclocking the gtx960M. Can you help me with a vbios mod ? I uploaded the results file. https://www.sendspace.com/file/pt3rip Million thankxxx
  2. @Cenkris, Thats because it was already flashed with the modded bios.
  3. Hello, So I followed every step in this tuto in order to flash my y510p's BIOS. https://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4668-lenovo-y410p-y510p-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod-vbios-mod.html . Operation successful. However I modified something related to video card (GT Voltage offset). Now laptop only shows a black screen, no windows, no bios, not even the lenovo logo. I tried putting the yx01.bin file in a flash drive, hold Fn+R and power on; the flash's led starts to blink for about 5 seconds and the laptops suddenly shuts down. Is my laptop dead ? is there a way to fix this please ? Thank you
  4. Bios Mod successfully updated thank you alooooot. However, I changed the GT voltage offset to -125mv in BIOS. Now the Laptop doesnt boot. Its stuck at a black screen, no bios menu, not even the lenovo logo. Is there a way to fix this please?
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