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  1. hye i've already reached the 5 posts goal. but still i cant download anything. why is that? :confusion:
  2. hi. first of all. make sure u have the latest nvidia driver installed. lunch nvidia control panel from tray icon. go to "set sli and physx config". choose maximize 3d performance. lastly make sure your power supply is greater than 170w to support the SLI.
  3. the battery consumption on my laptop is a bit better. i dont know why, maybe because of different style of using the windows made the battery consumption better in windows 10. i dont have any battery performance problem up till now. coming from windows 7, windows 8, and now 10.
  4. i have a y500 GT650m SLI version. but the performance on dota 2 reborn ultra setting is not that satisfying. it could get to 60fps most of the times but it will drop to 20-30 fps sometimes during war.. i have the SLI enabled. and one more thing, the 2K DSR mode had some flickering with the SLI but it is fine when not using SLI. just the fps will drop to 20-30. can anyone give the best nVidia control penal setting for Dota 2 Reborn? P/S: sorry for my bad english
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