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  1. I love my y510p. My complaints though include the trackpad....it sucks. Although the mod of electrical taping the bottom of it helps with it shorting out. Otherwise the USB ports seem very loose. Other then that I have loved it for everything from gaming to programming.
  2. I want to automate my home theater system in my house. Just press a button on my phone and have everything (including lighting and possibly shades?) setup for movie time. Also for the movie part, automating (even more) my NAS box, with sickrage, couchpotato, emby, etc. Right now I am doing a lot of manual administration of it. I want to make it very simple for others to use and add movies and such.
  3. Nice move by MS. How are they going to stay in business giving away windows so much? haha probly from Office and OEM sales though.
  4. When I read the title I thought of your first two Lose Yourself Remember the Name Otherwise You shook me all night long (or any of AC/DC's top songs) or any Kid Cudi
  5. Try the nvidia control panel and try the power options advanced options menu. I seem to remember something about integrated vs dedicated graphics in there.
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