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  1. Which are the latest Dell audio drivers? Surely not the M15x ones from 2009?
  2. These days I'm an ex-IT pro longing for retirement in the UK, and having worked most recently on Oracle databases, but also a hardware tinkerer and Linux and Windows user. Came here while trying to keep my M15X reasonably up to date.
  3. Quadruple ouch!!!! BUT, here am I, a fortnight into Win 10, small piece of wood permanently kept in belly-button... Many thanks to deadsmiley for the warning.
  4. OK, I have Win 10 and nvidia drivers installed but still no sound. Any hints as to which HD audio driver might work?
  5. Now have v352.84 driver installed, but it isn't happy with the audio yet. Partial result.
  6. There were some useful replies on here yesterday. I wonder where they have gone.
  7. Has any of the experts here managed to persuade Windows 10 to talk to a GTX770m? Mine was perfectly happy under Win7 but I slipped and succumbed to a Win10 installation and that only works with my old GTX260m. That gives just acceptable performance, but I would like to get the 770 working if possible and would prefer not to roll back from Win10. Win10 hangs on a pale green screen. Fortunately I run with HyperOS so have optional boot into Win7 partition still available so can still run the 770 under that. Until I took this step into the "future", the 337.50 driver was working fine. I need to (be told how to) modify a suitable driver so that I can install it with the 260 and then change the hardware back to the 770. Or should I give up with the 770 and try a 780 or 880? Btw, the 770 has the latest BIOS I could find (April 20, 2013). All advice gratefully received...
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