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  1. great tutorial will try flashing my 770m with vbios in 1 st post ty
  2. Hi I recently purchased the Alienware 17 r5 with i7 4700qm and 770m gpu, would i benefit flashing the 770m vbios in post 1? great work!
  3. Can i revert back to original 223 Asus bios from the unlocked bios? I had no idea this modified bios didn't include CPU overclocking. thanks EDIT: @svI7 can CPU overclocking be added to this modified bios like certain Alienware Laptops have? If so id donate a fair amount for this if it were possible. Just feel im loosing out on my 3720QM unlocked CPU :67:Thanks
  4. I have a Asus G75VW with a unlocked 3720QM es cpu and 670m gtx gpu. Is there an application i may use to overclock this CPU in anyway?
  5. Ok I have the unlocked 3720qm es CPU, in the unlocked version of the Asus bios Im guessing this unlocked bios is not for CPU overclocking at all? is there another alternative i can use to overclock the 3720qm es CPU? Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Ok so i had a friend direct me to this forum after purchasing a 3720QM unlocked CPU from him, great guy btw. Anyway, seems you may have answered what i was going to ask Trollgeir if it was safe to flash on the G75VW with the 670m GTX GPU, so everything now is working well for you including the kb back lights? thanks EDIT: got everything working with the modified bios on my G75VW with 670M GTX thanks for your work on the bios
  7. No I decided not to go through with it just in case, wouldn't want to be stuck with BSODS constantly :banghead: so I just decided to use msi afterburner to OC my gpu so far seems to help well Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  8. turilo

    Unstable performance

    think i might have this issue on my n55sf
  9. just decided to join so new here! this mod still working well for everyonr? im tempted to flash it lol EDIT: @svl7 id really like to try this mod but worry if i will face any over heating BSODs that were mentioned in the thread, is it a good idea to do this mod as im still on a older 204 version of the asus n55sf bios but would definitely like to improve my gpu performance
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