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  1. Thank you all for your help I appreciated alot but the problem is solved all the trouble was causing was a amd software called dual core optimizer. That software was ment for dual core not for triple core so that caused all the problems
  2. Okay I will give that a try thank you. Some new information: I have opened the bottom of my laptop and checked the fans and there were no dust at all and I was browsing the internet about this problem and there some guys said that I can fix this through bios but I don't know how to acces to bios with my laptop so if anyone has any clue how to acces into the bios do tell me. I will try to make the wprime work so you guys can get the info you need.
  3. I download wprime 2.05 and 2.04 and both of them didn't work
  4. Sry for late respond I will download the program and try it out playing call of duty black ops and post the results here
  5. Does any of you know how to fix this problem?
  6. the processor speed is once again dropping every 2 seconds to 1194mhz
  7. well I haven't done anything to my gpu clock speeds but I checked the default clock for the memory and it is 800ghz so the drops is only 0.01ghz
  8. I was gaming when I took the log
  9. GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt I took that log with gpu-z hope this help you guys and btw I got the processor to stay stable I just rewerted back to older Ati drivers and putting the best performance for power setting but cod bops gameplay was still choppy..
  10. Yes I did notice fps drops when the processor speed was dropping and it is annoying. Yeah sure I can try that but I have never tried taking a log so i'm kinda newbie in this so my apologize
  11. it was the gpu temperature I was following the temp when I was gaming I putted the game on windowed mode and I was monitoring all the time the temperatures so I didn't miss anything I think
  12. Well I have done that too and it's normal just like before around 70-80c while gaming 86c so it's not the temperature, is there anything else that I can do than using this program? I have concideret of reinstalling windows 7 but I don't have any install discs for it so that's out of the question
  13. and the model/brand is Asus a72d/k72dr
  14. O well I don't know how to upload them but I will tell them in this: Amd phenom n830 2.1 Ghz (3core), 4gb ram, 640gb hdd, 17,3" 1600x900 display and ati mobility radeon hd 5470 1gb
  15. So yeah I am having a performance issue with my laptop. Every time I play games the fps is going "wild" it drops from 100 fps to 48 and does it the whole gaming time and I have done everything to fix it but none of them have worked for me and then one of your members suggested me to use a program called throttle stop 3.0 but I don't have no idea how to use it so help would appreciated and tips what's causing this trouble
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