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  1. @doca I don't have any experience with Gigabyte nor X58 board but on my Z87 board I would just disable Intel Turbo Boost and disable all C-states so it will stay at 3.4 GHz all the time without being downclocked and overclocked automatically. What's your CPU temp in gaming ? I don't think Fifa13 will stress the Titan that hard. It could also be a driver problem, though.
  2. That is nasty GPU usage you got there. What kind of game did you play ? Alt-tab may decrease the clock since you are going to 2D clock but not going that crazily high VRAM usage.
  3. I played Torchlight 2 with mine at it stayed at like 600ish core clocks and temps never broke 50. I don't think LoL isn't that demanding enough for a 780 to stretch its leg. Check your Vsync, it should be off so your FPS would blow the roof.. If that doesn't work I would say there's something with the game engine and driver. As for BF3, that's weird. 780 should be able to clock as high as possible as long as you don't have CPU bottleneck.
  4. I was using Zotac 780 ref with stock bios and was limited to 1.2 GHz and then it started throttling horribly on 3dmark test 1. I am currently using your rev3 bios and it works really great, no more throttling and I am getting 1000 points more in GPU score with the same clock. Thank you so much svl7
  5. @DStealth Grats on solving the vdroop and good clocks, haven't started to pushed my card that hard Yes, NCP4206 could actually output up to 1,6 but I don't think the heat will be tolerable, getting it cold is the only way. @svl7 I was wondering whether if you could actually remove the power or temp limit completely because I am still fascinated by how my GTX 680M overclocks without those limitations. I know the 680M didn't get that boost implemented in the first place if that what matters, thanks
  6. I think they use direct access to the VRM controller just like what AB Beta14 does. My stock Zotac bios can run 1.2 V by adding +38 mV via any GPU overclocking tools but it throttles like mad. Not sure about 1.21 V, though. From what I can see from AB Beta14 the reference board could actually run with more than 1,3 V but somehow I am thinking the program author limited it to 1,3 V to minimize people frying their cards.
  7. I was looking the same on the ONSEMI site but I didn't find exactly what I wanted. I did find NCP4200 and NCP4208 that can provide 4 and 8 phases respectively and they both can output up to 1,6 V. The NCP4200 is a bit different with only 40 pins whereas the NCP4206 and NCP4208 use 48 pins. You might want to take a look at these. http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/NCP4200-D.PDF http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/NCP4208-D.PDF I have been your huge fan since the Kepler VBIOS mod on my 680M and it looks like my GTX 780 will like your VBIOS too
  8. @kolias Thanks !! I am still using the stock PSU because it still serves me well. I have never had any sudden shutdown, though. I noticed my CPU points weren't degraded by heavily OC'ing the GPU like the earlier vbios, great job man @svl7 Pardon me, what's saltius ? I only use vbios modded by svl7 No way I can play with that clocks for long time as the temps will rise to unnaceptable level. I usually overclock it at 1071/2500 with 1.012V vbios when I really need the additional power in Metro2033 and Farcry3, for the rest of my game I leave it at stock clocks and voltage.
  9. @Vlad Fomitchev I usually game at stock clocks for most of my games ( BF3, Dota2, Borderlands 2) and overclock it to 1071/2500 when I really need the juice to be able to play at maximum setting possible at Metro2033 and Farcry 3. I believe every piece of silicon is different so you might have unlucky piece, friend I can only advise you to lower your clocks and look for the most stable clocks Are those clocks stable in benchmark ? @Clevorr Thank you very much
  10. Just like what I thought the 1.05V vbios is crazy at benchmark. I managed to get to 1150/2500 in 3dmark11 for 9000 pts graphic score Themperature was pretty much the same with 1.012V vbios pushed to 1100/2500. And also this vbios is rock stable without any throttle NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor, MS-1762 score: P8452 3DMarks
  11. Great job as ever @svl7. Flashed mine with the new MSI revised 02 vbios and it runs cooler 2 - 3 C under full load Haven't had any issue so far but stability is bit compromised when heavily OC'ed but it makes sense with the lower voltage Max OC was +310/+700 in 3dmark11 comparing with the earlier vbios I managed to overclock at +329/+700, not a big deal at all Haven't tested the 1.05V, though. It should be great for benchmarking When I get the mood to do some benchmark I'll post some results here Thank you very much
  12. Yeah, I am feeling like pushing my PSU to its limit. Seeing my physic score in 3dmark11 is at like 7000 when overclocked and about 7600 at stock. I think I can bear with my PSU since I haven't had any sudden shutdown when playing games. In fact I never tried to run Kombustor or that GPU killer Furmark. Still waiting to mod the Dell 240W PSU when I have the time I think a vbios that came before this revised vbios by svl7 had 0.987V but it only allowed us to overclock it up to +345MHz and had only 720MHz stock clock. By the way love the new TechInferno forum interface
  13. @Tonrac I don't think if that's a bug in the svl7's recent vbios that it has 1.012V 3d voltage. If I recall correctly my stock factory vbios also has 1.012V 3d voltage ( MSI barebone ). I think svl7 just unlocked the slider to max it out to +405MHz. So far I am stable at 1100/2500 in games and an increment of 10MHz of that in core in 3dmark11 MSI card should only be flashed with MSI vbios, is that right ?
  14. I am having the same issue like CooleRnax. Before the GPU test starts the voltage bumps up to 1.05 then falls down to 1.012 when FPS is getting recorded. So far no heat increase since this is the same voltage as svl7 first revised vbios. I am using Nvidiainspector to monitor the voltage by the way
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