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  1. I ripped out the old HDD, installed Ubuntu on the mSata drive and that has not crashed! I got conky set up and GPU and CPU temperatures went up to 60C but the fan just spooled up and there was no crash. Previously it would crash within 30mins of login, now it stayed up for over an hour before I logged out. I am thinking of taking it in to a professional laptop repair shop to have the heatsinks, fans checked out and just to be sure get the CPU and GPU repasted again.
  2. Ok, it crashes in both Linux and Windows. I installed HWInfo, and saw the CPU temperatures started at approx 50C and with intermittent max of 75C. The CPU temperatures kept steadily increasing over time. Even the GPU temperatures started at 46C and kept going up. The HDD, case, RAM, temperatures stayed low. The only thing is that the fans didn't appear to be spinning up as the temperatures rose. They kick in just before the system crashes. I checked the heatsink and the fans. The heatsink was clear and the fans spinned fine and didn't look broken. Previously the fans would spin loudly but the computer wouldn't shut down.
  3. It’s the GTX 680m with 2GB ram. I did repaste the CPU and GPU, and the temperatures appeared to go down. The system was whisper quiet for 25min and then the fans started getting louder and it crashed. I have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. I am going to try to see if this is a software issue by trying out a Linux install and seeing if that crashes or not.
  4. Thanks. I have looked into this and the kryonaut thermal paste seems a good option with 12.5W/mK of conductivity. I also found Fujipoly and Alphacool thermal pads that have thermal conductivity of 17W/mK. Wouldn’t these be better? Everywhere it says to use thermal paste instead of pads because they are better conductors, but here it seems there are pads which have more conductivity and come with 0.5mm thickness. Also I noticed that 2 RAM modules are running at 1.35v and 2 are at 1.5v. The 1.35v RAM was installed by me a few days back. Could this be a problem also? thanks.
  5. I am not sure but I think it’s CPU because I can here it get louder on the left side and that’s where the CPU fan is.
  6. My Alienware M17xR4 has started shutting down immediately after the fans start spinning loudly. This has happened even before the OS boots. I have Windows and Linux in dual boot using Refind. Sometimes even as it reaches the Refind menu the system freezes, fan noise gets loud and the unit immediately shuts down. Once when I managed to get to the OS I ran the Dell CPU stress test, the test started properly and even the fan got very noisy. I left the system alone and after 15mins with the test still running thought to check the status and when I tried to move the cursor found the system was frozen and it immediately crashed. The fan ran loud the whole time. How can I find out if the issue is the CPU or the GPU or the motherboard? It seems to behave properly when running on battery, compared to running off the charger. Could this be an issue? The way I see it, with cpu, gpu, ram and hdd upgradeable, this as an awesome unit and I'd rather not see it go.
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