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  1. Sometime ago I was into daytrading on Plus500, it's pretty easy but once you put some (virtual on the demo account) money into it, the spreads will devour your money :s
  2. Chainsmokers! You end up alone, after all that you've done All that you've paid for Did you get what you wanted? You loaded a the gun with all you were made of When you're alone, People don't think you know what you're made of, oh Are you better than me? It's not up to say, it's all that you wait for Now I'll find a way, I'm seeing it through can you not be hateful. While we're alive, can we relax, isn't that what our maids for? You were there for me And I was there for you How-oh will I let you go? You will always be the one That I regret How-oh will I let you go?
  3. League of Legends Tried Smite too, don't really like it. Played WoW too. For no apparent reason I can't enjoy Guild Wars 2.
  4. I'll probably get one if I got the money and a sufficient desktop PC. My notebook won't make it.
  5. Recently watched Oblivion with Tom Cruise. Wasn't bad. Also watched Chronicle, that is a really good one in my opinion! Looking forward to the sequel.
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