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  1. So having got an m11x r3, ive decided to mod it into a tablet form, with built in gaming controls. I may also include a touch screen, but im struggling to find an overlay that doesnt severely affect the quality of the image. I'm basing this plan on an old attempt i made to mod a hp311 mini into a similar gaming portable form. Will update when i have time, especially if any interest is shown.
  2. I have found another source which apparently does a good matte IPS panel that fits the m11x. this will need an extension cable to fit it i think. (ebay listing too, which is more reliable for refunds.) 45 quid delivered. LP116WH4 SLN2 EXACT P/N MATTE IPS LED TABLET LCD SCREEN LED #BBC7 | eBay
  3. also youc an try a 12.5 inch screen upgrade apparently. This thread talks about buying this screen and it being a case of plug and play. Cheaper than othe option but requires some modding of the bezel http://www.amazon.com/LG-PHILIPS-LP125WH2-SUBSTITUTE-REPLACEMENT/dp/B009XS0VHC (us) New LG Philips LP125WH2(SL)(B3) Laptop Screen 12.5" LED HD Compatible - IPS | eBay (uk)
  4. just bought myself a second hand faulty m11x r3 off ebay, replaced the motherboard with an i5 i bought and all is good again! Pretty chuffed to have got it all up and running with for a total of 170 quid! I'm about to start turning it into a portable gaming tablet now, so need to learn about how to make it run at its max capabilities when on battery. Any advice/help greatly appreciated!
  5. anyone looking for the original screen that was confirmed as working could order from aliexpress, its 50 quid new. Brand new A+ LP116WH4 SLN2 LP116WH4 (SL)(N2) LP116WH4 SLN2 LCD Screen IPS laptop screen 1366*768 free shipping -in Laptop LCD Screen from Computer & Office on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group Aliexpress are pretty good at refunding if stuff isnt up to scratch as well.
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