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  1. Hey guys i already have an unlocked bios and from what i understand it is possible to mod the adapter from dell to work with my machine . I just wanted confirmation and maybe link to a guide or some pics from someone who already did it . I want to know if it's safe and if it does bring any benefit.
  2. there are plenty of guids out there on how to do this . I don't have a clevo but have looked at them . Just get an unlocked bios from Prema or just pick the specified frequency Hyperx Impact model and put them in, since the Hyperx Impact will oc by default to the frequency that they are rated at . You can find them in both 2133Mhz and 1866Mhz flavors.
  3. The model that you have will need a serious repaste job and maybe a little mod to tighten the heatsink screws better in place from what i know . After that you should be good to do it as the cooling is quite decent after the small mod and repaste . If you are not willing to do those things then i would advise against oc'ing it.
  4. I know most people get arround 1000 Mhz wth some extra voltage added....but with stock most get even 900 Mhz core
  5. what are the max safe clocks for oc'ing my gtx 675mx by using the kepler bios editor?
  6. MSI GT70 -0ND - i7 3630qm -Nvidia GTX 675MX 2GB - oc like hell -16GB Hyperx Impact 1866 CL10 -Samsung 850EVO 250GB -Wester Digital black - 750 gb
  7. Generation War - german WW2 movie ...really good i recommend it
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