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  1. Should work as far as I can see. I'd not care about the fans because the Akitio Fans alone are enough to wake a sleeping cat. ;-) It looks quite high, this fanless card - but I guess you checked the size.
  2. I am very sure that you need to get another chard if you want this to run without additional power supply modding. I have the same setup (though 2014 MBPr) with this 750 Ti https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00IKF9F6C/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Has been working completely stable for days...
  3. @goalque, yes, there's something wrong, I'm trying to resolve it. I'd love to test such a version. Thanks! My eGPU is still the 750Ti – is this sufficient? And does the Sonnett Echo SE ii somehow stand in the way?
  4. Hey Goalque, as always I cannot appreciate your work enough. I'm gonna try it and I think I got the basic procedure but can you please elaborate a little bit on what exactly this ROM is and where I can get it.
  5. There is an Option within the Settings of the Adobe apps - Check that this is correct. With my Setup and the Script Adobe Apps are able to utilize it via OpenGL - otherwise maybe one could try CUDA?
  6. That would be awesome - maybe this solves the issues with the backlight when the dGPU is activated and maybe even the battery life issue.
  7. For me Pizzacats link did not work - I just googled the current beta myself and entered that link.
  8. @Philipp_Riedl: If support in German would help you, e.g. clarifying the steps - just send me PN.
  9. @goalque: I was finally able to test Version 0.9.5 on both devices. On the MBA where the -a mode is not required, it works perfectly well. However, on the rMBP (2014, GT750m) it's a step back – I'm back to manually plugging in the eGPU during the Apple Logo. Otherwise I end up with black screen boots again.
  10. Try starting the Macbook, immediately closing it after pressing the power button. My configuration shows the following behavior: the background light is activated and stays turned on, however the internal screen is not rendered. Neither does it show anything (staying in Apple Logo) nor does it appear in the system profiler / monitor settings. So I conclude that (though the display light is activated) that I can use something like a clamshell mode.
  11. @goalque: If I don't change any part of the configuration (starting Windows/changing from HDMI to DVI Monitor/changing the primary monitor/activating gfxCardStatus/...), it works 100% reliable. All issues that I ever observed are driver related (the background light of the Retina Display Turns off during iGPU/dGPU switches – also silverlight is a bitch but it has always been...). So regarding the booting part only: I never observed any problems. The eGPU-Output actives during the Apple Logo Boot and the Login is already displayed on both internal and external screen.
  12. I observed exactly the opposite! When I disabled FileVault, all my trouble was gone. So if I enable FileVault (without Goalque's script), I will not get boot + recognition of the card. Only if I disable FileVault and plug in right after the Apple appears, it works without the script. With the script, it's all fine of course.
  13. @goalque: I finally tried the new version: -m works great now – I am able to flexibly switch between mobile mode and eGPU mode. With significantly prolonged battery life using the default OS X driver. :-) I have maybe one suggestion but this is more a matter of comfortableness: could one add a "mobile" mode as I called it so that you run the script, let's say "-mobileMode", and then the script reboots with the default OS X driver? Just a suggestion – I can understand that there are more important things that you want to solve. (Thinking of El Capitan...)
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