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  1. Psycha

    vbios 970m 3GB mod assistance needed

    Hello, I'm on an alienware m17 r4 and am trying mod my vbios for a 970m 3GB msi. I've managed to get the max boost with an increase in voltage, however I believe my voltage settings maybe unstable. When attempting to load programs capable of high gpu usage capabilities, the gpu begins to become pretty unstable. would anyone be able to provide assistance? I have both my edited and original roms as well. *update I'm not sure how to delete this thread but disregard this please. I've figured out the issue.
  2. Hello, im new to overclocking and still learning
  3. Psycha

    Favorite TV Shows / Newsgroups Discussion

    Louie Wilfred Yu Yu Hakusho Comedy BangBang Eric Andre Show Chapelle Show Dexter
  4. Psycha

    What music are you listening to right now?

    A$AP Rocky - Canal St.
  5. Psycha

    Favorite MMO?

    i would say Final Fantasy 14, although i hope it becomes F2P someday
  6. Psycha

    Post Your System

    Alienware m17 r3 GTX 870m 8GB Intel i7 2960XM 16GB ram 515 GB SSD and a crappy cooling fan

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