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  1. A few detailed questions since I cant have my win10 working with eGPU LOL... 1, Did you install Win10 with only boot camp or with EFI mode? 2, What version of boot camp control panel are u using ? Did you deleted the graph card driver comes with boot camp control panel? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am wondering that whether hot plug of the eGPU can be possible. I searched online and seems there is hot plug commands for PCIE slots. So anyone tried such kind of thing on OSX with eGPU?
  3. I read a lot of threads but seems ur situation is unique... I can not even think of any possible reason for that. I would suggest you to borrow a mba or mbp for testing first. At least then you will know it is ur imac's problem or the eGpu's.
  4. I just followed the post using Titan with youtube video so nothing new actually... Seems that fro TB1 macbooks there is no obstacle now.
  5. Well after switching to a DVI cable the F*** glitches disappear! Ready to go now.
  6. Yup it was recognized and I do played a while with a bought external monitor with it. Except for the coil whine and flick/glitch on the monitor, settings work well...
  7. I have set up my gtx970 for 2013 MBA under OSX 10.10.3. However I dont have an external display in hand. I want to run optimus for OSX but I only find related posts for windows 8. So is it because optimus only works under windows? -------------- I just borrowed a Dell monitor and tried my eGPU and it works! Sadly that seems my 970 suffers a lot from coil whine and even the external monitor glitches/flickers following the whine. Still wanna say thanks to all the contributors in this forum. Your posts helps so much!
  8. Holy, I just built up my gtx970 for mba under osx and I dont have an external monitor at hand... So you mean optimus tech is not available for OSX? Then why it works under windows... Weired
  9. OOPS... Sorry I havent get a thunder2 for a look yet... Would you mind to post a photo of the switch...? Not seen other tips on switch yet... Many thanks!
  10. Cool. I will go with this card then! BTW, in your DA2 powering setting, is there a switch? or is the builtin switch can still work because it is on the dc jack? - - - Updated - - - Cool. I will go with this card then! BTW, in your DA2 powering setting, is there a switch? or is the builtin switch can still work because it is on the dc jack?
  11. Oops a bit lost. Actually I have a 2013 MBA which has TB1. So now you have the galax short GTX 970 work under windows8.1 right? I am also interested in such a compact card. However since this card is not that "official", I am worry whether it has compatible issue with the NVdia cloud driver. If there is no difference (except for the size and clock limits) between this card and more "official" ones like MSI GTX970, I will definitely go with it. BTW I didnt find this card on either ebay or amazon, so we can only buy it from galax's store? Thanks for your instant response! TY a lot!
  12. Uhm looks wonderful! So in this way we dont have a switch for the whole system right? or is the builtin switch still can do the job?
  13. This compact version looks awesome! I am planning on building my own eGPU and so far your enclosure makes most sense! One question I have is about the Galax GeForce GTX 970 Gamer OC card, you only mentioned about win8.1 and no OSX as in your first version. Is it because this card that cant work with OSX (osx not list on there supporting specs) or is it because the mac you tried later are not compatible? Thanks a lot!
  14. Nice tidy work! But will the builtin switch still work? Also how do you think of this 6pin to barrel convertor?
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