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  1. Hello @Prema. I am the owner of P170EM model laptop. I upgraded my laptop, placing it top-end processor and graphics card I7-3940XM NW980M. I use the BIOS from Eurocom and VBios your last. Say please and whether your BIOS mod 3 versions with support for 900-series cards for P170EM or you will no longer do for this model which is modified? If you can book your mod please tell me how to do it =) I will gladly order from you. Sorry for bad english
  2. Hello Prema. I would like to learn something concerning your modifications =) Tell please and whether there will be something new in Bios of version 3 for P170EM in comparison with what is provided by the companies with which you cooperate and whether there will be something else interesting to bioowls of video cards? I hope that it is not such big secret and you will be able to slightly open a secret curtain at least a little.
  3. Dear Prema. I am a regular user of my an old Clevo P170EM appreciate all the work you have done with regards to upgrading the BIOS and vBIOS you have not often pleases, because of the large employment, but know that we are always waiting for your news and your products, which would try and get a little more performance out of our monsters. I'm sorry that you framed that some of your friends or acquaintances. This is very bad and if we can than to help, would have liked to have done it, but it seems you are very offended and decided to leave yet as they say in the underground. We want very much that you would not disappear and continued to please us as much for its magnificent mods =) #PremaComeBack
  4. Hello. I am the owner of a notebook of CLEVO P170EM in a top complete set with the I7-3940MX processor and the video card NW 980M. If there are still owners, then would like to take an interest at you concerning temperatures of the processor and video card on the last vBios from Prema what temperature at whom? generally the video card temperature as I noted that at me on new vBios from Prema honor in all games temperature of 89 degrees though it isn't on other biosa interests. I tried already many different options. If not difficult that is possible screens with temperatures of yours 980M for comparing. I will be very grateful. Also excuse for bad English =)
  5. Hello. Do I understand correctly that in the Bios 2 now when heated to 92 degrees Celsius laptop will shut down to protect it from overheating? And you are specially made so that it was impossible to zalest in your BIOS through MaxwellBiosTweaker? You did not change the rotation of the coolers, and it seems to me that they are now less torque under load. BF4 in my P170EM, 980m heated up to 89 degrees, though there is a new thermal grease and recently cleaned the cooling system. I was a little worried at Stora BIOS I did not pay attention to it, but I think the temperature was lower. Today I decided to rummage in your Bios and here that noticed. Now video not as earlier I had a card on old Bios, constantly fans slowly turned and temperature kept at the level of 38-42 degrees in idle time. Now video the card being in idle time has temperature of 40 degrees fans completely are switched-off (or very slowly turn) when temperature reaches 49 degrees fans turn on (or start turning slightly more) and temperature falls to 40 degrees and they are again disconnected and is so constant. Apparently you Prema somehow changed turns of video of the card in Bios, but something it not really it to be pleasant to me as generally temperature in games in my opinion increased if I for example include complete revolutions in BF 4 playing on an ultra that temperature doesn't rise higher than 70 degrees but if to leave to the discretion of system that at me already 89 degrees were reached by temperature. On old Bios of 100% of such I didn't observe, there was always temperature about 70-75 maximum Also on your Bios really there is an increase of productivity, to be pleasant to me it, but with temperatures in my opinion something not that. Still found one version of a vbios apparently for 980M it the version is as follows: tell please you not from this Bios did the? If it is necessary to you, I can give it for viewing and possible modernization.
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