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  1. my old thread is completely fucked up. The correct title, however all my text are gone, and only the two last pictures are mine.
  2. depends if 13" no, as they are dual cores, if 15 then yes as they are quadcores.
  3. Please feel free to share your knowledge within setting up eGPU in OS X Our information is very sparse!
  4. It would do all right - dependent on the clock speed, as that often has a big impact on games. And In general a quadcore is way more suitable for windows gaming, as windows do tend to eat some resources. Yes i5's are good for regular gaming on desktops, as they are quadcores. However on mobile, i5's for the most is dualcores with hyperthreading. In this case Apple has used ULV (ultra low voltage) cpu's, which honestly just don't do the trick in most game (imho) But IT IS game dependent - try Metro Last light and you will have an AWESOME experience, as it is GPU heavy, and the cpu load might max lie around 80%.. If i try GTA V, story mode is fine, but when i try multiplayer and I have to load high content and extremely many moving objects, it will stay at 99-100% constantly - and even with a gtx 970 I experienced microstuttering, which was unplayable. Honestly - Had I known that, would I not have spent 1000+$ on my setup.
  5. A thing that's not mentioned that often here, what games are you going to play? GPU heavy games like Metro Last light or CPU heavy gamesl ike GTA V or BF4.. I found my i5 4278U in my MBPr 2014 to be TO slow to game on... I could handle Metro Last Light with ease and no issue, however if I tried other games, would my cpu often be the bottleneck.. Just FYI before you spend 1k+ $
  6. Well I assume its like CPU lottery - some time's you're just unlucky ^^
  7. I think it must have been related to stability on the 12v line.
  8. Just recived my EXP GDC mPCIe today. Installed it, card boots perfectly, no errors, card is found in device managers, and all is okay. Internal gtx 860m disabled, but if connecting an external monitor to the egpu, is no screen found... ? I'm trying to get a gtx 660ti to boot on my w230ss. Specs: i7 4702mq 16gb 1666 mhz crucial 480 gb msata ssd gtx 860m 2gb
  9. Well the IQ rose when you just left..
  10. Firstly - That was not what you first linked. Secondly - I tried that crap - however step 3 was extremely misinterpreting if you've never used terminal before as you should not use - before sudo! Thirdly - If you've made that - Why did you not post it in here ? It would be nice and easy for people to share those findings. Your attitude do not help the community - especially after you just deleted the dropbox link - However, other can find it here:
  11. I did not use any guide for modding web drivers - It's just the general attitude that the topic can be deleted after you've gotten your answer!
  12. Hi! - Due to limited space in my matx phenom M pc, I want to try and use my akitio thunder2 box via a thunderboltEX II + z97 gryphon from asus. However has anyone done this so far? I assume it would be straight forward?
  13. I will give it a go tomorrow - I'm done for today!
  14. Equipment: Akitio Thunder2 + Gtx 970 + Dell DA-2 MBPr 2014 i5 4278u, 8gb, 128, 10.10.3 (14D136) Guides followed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pp01h9c7lfd6cm/eGPU.pdf?dl=0 Nvidia webdriver fixed and installed (346.01.02f02) Issue: cannot see my gtx 970 in system information, only intel iris gfx. ( i can see the akitio box ) 2nd issue: When booting now - It freezes if Akitio is plugged in.
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