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  1. Hi there, can someone lend me a hand? I successfully flashed the new BIOS and was able to disable IGP and enable PEG, but the nvidia 770m is not showing up in device manager, is that normal? Also I used to be able to change settings in the BIOS but now it seems that the BIOS won't load. When you guys talk about editing the .inf file, is that for the nvidia driver from dell's website or the most updated driver? I tried searching for those strings with the most updated driver but was unable to find them. EDIT: I fixed the BIOS issue by following those directions on pulling out the card and CMOS, extremely confused about the driver though, I'm not sure which driver I'm supposed to edit and how the nvidia card is still not showing up in device manager.
  2. These are low-cost laptops for basic computer needs. I wouldn't trust an expensive acer because like someone said earlier the cooling is a joke, they weren't built for performance. However, I do own an acer laptop and I love it; it's easy to take apart and repair, does everything I need it to do, and I only spent $50 on it (customer was throwing it away because of a broken keyboard). As far as basic web surfing and office work it is a great laptop, but its processor/ integrated graphics is weak enough that I can't even play unity games without it lagging.
  3. Are these the versions of Prr.exe I need for this thread: http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x-aw-17/1964-%5Bm17x-r4%5D-unlocked-bios-versions.html I see mention of it in the directions but I don't see the prr.exe file.
  4. Megadace

    Dying Light?

    Agreed. While I loved searching for payloads it got really old quickly. The fighting/ physics system they have is soooo satisfying though, I could just kick zombies and people all day. I hope they keep that engine for many years to come because the combat was incredible.
  5. With everything Microsoft has hamfisted with the Xbone I seriously doubt this will be anywhere as good as they promise. Just look at thwta happened when the CEO said Windows 10 would be available to everyone, even pirates. Their legal team instantly went into more detail on what that means and how pirates won't actually get windows 10 and how the "free" upgrade process will work for most people. (i.e. it won't be free for a lot of people that think it will be)
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