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  1. Seems the same here too. Except now I cannot unlock my BIOS.. EDIT: Actually. If the BIOS is basically the same, would I be able to trick slv7's biosfixer tool into modifying my 3.08 into a 3.05 file? Or is this a quick way to brick my laptop?
  2. When I make a back up of my bios and go to put it in the BIOS fixer it tells me I need to have a copy of v3.05. Is there a way to downgrade to 3.05?
  3. Hey guys. Just had a question about the y510p BIOS. If I flash the BIOS with an unlocked version, I would still need to flash vBIOS on the ultrabay GPU? Sorry, a bit new here :S
  4. Any screenshots of the unlocked BIOS? Need the any details on Audio settings
  5. Hey Y'all. I got myself a y510p lenovo laptop and I love it but have major heating issues! I have been a long time reader of the forum so decided to join. you guys have a lot of great insights I think would help improve the issues with my laptop - - - Updated - - - PS. Look to unlock my bios with svl7's mod. Really appreciate the work he has done
  6. Awesome man. Just wanted to be sure! Don't want to brick my baby
  7. Also, if anyone who has performed the unlock could help me out. I am wondering if there is an area in the unlocked version to enabled audio or speakers. I believe mine somehow got disabled in the BIOS but as it is locked I cannot modify it. Just wondering if the option is there before I go ahead and flash. Thanks!
  8. Will I be able to follow the steps on page one if I have the latest BIOS? (v3.08)
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