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  1. Anyone know is this GT60 version suitable for my GT 60-2PC dominator pro 15.6”?
  2. thank you for replying, I am glad that i found a modded nv driver which made me can install k5100m driver successfully, i forgot to do it without signature before so it failed. Anyway i can use K5100M driver now without using modded vbios , but i got another problem, my laptop seems only can run 1333mhz when i put 3*1600 ddr3 DRAM into my laptop ( i tried only put 2 DRAM in it and it works normally, with 1600mhz speed.) so I would like to have a modded bios to let me use full speed of DRAM, like xmp profile function etc.. i have put the bios which im using now, it was downloaded from MSI official website for GT 60 2PC, however after i flashed the bios, seems detected me as GT60-2OC/OD now, i couldn't even use the steelseries engine driver for macro now. hope u can help me :x
  3. I have 3 Drams 3 of them are 8gb, 1600mhz, i only can run them full speed with 2 of them, when i insert all of them, it becomes 1333mhz speed, please help
  4. I am currently using GTX 870m on a MSI GT60-2PC laptop, i bought a K5100M card from Ebay, and download a modded nv driv from laptopvideo2go, i installed one of the driver successfully however after restart the screen just become black, only cursor is visable, i can only go to safe mode and uninstall the driver to let me possible to back to window. what should i do?
  5. is there any vbios for k5100m, im currently using gtx870m on msi gt60-2pc laptop
  6. hey is this bios works for gt60-2PC? it was with gtx870m b4 and i bought a k5100m from ebay, im finding a way to activiate the card
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