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  1. Any updates TheGrreatGatsby? I have the same Model as you and i'd love to add eGPU to my setup. Great work so far getting iGPU active in device manager
  2. I'll shop around a bit and see what i can find, though I may have to sacrifice my eGPU dreams for a new macbook if it comes down to it. I saw that posting and it was a little confusing but it sounded like he's actually working ok, just not as consistent. His hardware setup also didn't seem very typical either, not sure how that played into the issues.
  3. very helpful thank you! Besides the GPU, I had a smaller full height audio card in mind, so that should work great. To go with this, I'm about to pull the trigger on the the recently refreshed 2015 rMBP, with iGPU only. I'm a bit nervous because I haven't read anyone that's done exactly this yet, since it's so new. I'll try to share anything worthwhile, but i'm not the hardware/driver expert as some others are on this board. The big goal for me is to get internal screen working consistently with optimus, i don't plan to run any external display at this point. And if i can find a way to get optimus working for OSX as well, even better.
  4. Thanks for the great write up goalque. Are you able to put the top case shell back on with the gtx 980 installed, hopefully with that it doesn't run too hot? I'm interested in this model because everything i need is already included with room for another card, and if the top fits back on, it seems rugged enough to travel with me if i need.
  5. Thanks Dschijn, you recall if that was using the same process as others have done, or any unique customization required? Also, do you know if the laptop must be a model WITHOUT discrete GPU inside? Lastly, much respect to you and the rest of this community for working through some of these ridiculous 'restrictions'. This has really sparked my interest.
  6. sorry if this has been answered before, but has there only been success with the 2013 rmbp models? I'm considering getting a newer rMBP, and i only have interest in using the laptop screen(using optimus?), no external display. Anyone know if this is feasible running Yosemite and/or a bootcamp windows flavor with a 2015 macbook? thanks!
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