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  1. "YOU GOT 2 GRAPHIC CARD IN YOUR COMPUTER 1 INTEL 1 NVIDIA I THINK , @ijozic so its safe to do or i think your are a noob ???? you will only disable the nvidia but your screen will work and after the job enable it . " Oh, so Mr. Guest knows better than me how many graphic cards I have in my laptop. FYI, some laptops use only the dedicated cards because they have screens which use more than 8 bits for the color which is still the limit on the Intel GPU's.
  2. Disabling my only display adapter doesn't seem like a smart thing to do Though I've noticed mnvflash requires the display driver to be uninstalled so I'll try again and report back.
  3. I've upgraded to a 980M, but can't flash the unlocked vBIOS from the 1st post. Can anyone unlock my stock vBIOS for overclocking? Thanks. 980m_orig.zip
  4. Thanks a lot. It seems to work well. Sorry for the late thanks, but my computer was out for two days trying to switch the Windows installation to UEFI mode (failed).
  5. I upgraded my Sony S13, but had some issues with touchpad drivers, SSD performance seemed super slow for some reason and the Nvidia Inspector GPU OC didn't work, so I reverted back to Windows 7. Those few days I was running the 10, I also had the feeling that the battery life was noticeably worse, like the laptop was draining the battery faster during the typical tasks like using the WiFi or watching some series.. Maybe the Windows were doing some background tasks after the install still, but I don't know. If they fix some of these issues, I might try again with a clean install this time (or, the 10's system reset option that is).
  6. Hi, can anybody unlock the software OC limit on this Dell K4000M vBIOS? I want to upgrade to Windows 10, but wouzld like to use UEFI boot and it doesn't work with my current unlocked vBIOS (not UEFI compatible for some reason). TinyUpload.com - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free
  7. Which tool is used to remove the +135MHz limit? I'm using one of the BIOS files from the first page, but it was unlocked by svl7 and he doesn't seem to frequent the forums much anymore. The problem is that I'd like to switch to UEFI for Win 10 upgrade, but my vBIOS doesn't support it. I got an UEFI supported version, but it's locked as it is stock. Thanks in advance.
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