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  1. I've seen a user comfortably hit 1000/1200 on a P150EM (using an 180W PSU, I presume) so I'm not sure why I couldn't do the same. How do you know that the PSU is the limiting factor? I saw elsewhere that the P150HM and P150EM have differing power circuitry as well, so what might not work on the HM might be functional on the EM.
  2. I own a Sager NP9150 (Clevo P150EM) with the GTX 680M so I'd like to try this bios out if it's available for public consumption. I was pointed to this thread when I asked about it elsewhere, but the OP and 2nd post aren't clear as to which bios was used in the performance review.
  3. Can anyone point me to the bios you folks used for the 680M performance review on this site? I'm referring to the one which let you reach the 'extreme OC' (1037/1250) since it's not totally clear after reading the rest of the thread.
  4. Is the custom vbios used in the review available for public use? I can't seem to find it anywhere!
  5. Is it the core or the VRAM which would be causing this sort of issue? Would increasing the voltage clear things up?
  6. The Clevo OV-OC vbios seems to be missing from the OP now. Is there a limit to the number of attachments per post or am I missing something here?
  7. Are the flickers seen near the end of that clip artifacts? I get those roughly once or twice per run in Heaven 3.0, and if not those, then individual houses will do the same (flicker briefly). I'm experiencing these at the settings described in the OP, though I'm using the new WHQL release like I mentioned earlier.
  8. I've updated to the 306.23 WHQL release with the following results: I'm consistently reaching 87C in 3DMark Vantage and 3DMark11 now that I've completed the foil mod, and Unigine Heaven hits 85-87C as well. (Heaven settings remain 1080p, Extreme Tess, High Shaders, 16x AF, 8x AA) My scores: 3DMark11: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3720QM Processor,CLEVO P15xEMx score: P7877 3DMarks (P7877, 8158 GPU, 8203 Physics, 5978 Combined) 3DMark Vantage: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3720QM Processor,CLEVO P15xEMx score: P24693 3DMarks (P24693, 25263 GPU, 23128 CPU) Heaven: 36.6fps (922.4 Score) (Multiple runs have shown results consistent with the above, which is why I mentioned just one score per bench) I'm really pleased with these results, but I'm trying to find ways to cool down the system some more if possible. Are my temperatures normal, in your experience?
  9. Got some sick 3DMark11 runs, but I'm encountering some screen flickering in Unigine Heaven 3.0. My system specs: Sager NP9150 (Clevo P150EM) nVidia GTX 680M w/ your vbios and "fake" turbo boost set up as instructed i7 3720QM 16GB 1600MHz RAM 500GB HDD (Seagate) I get maybe one flicker per run, where the screen flashes green or teal for a fraction of a second before the benchmark continues as normal. No problems in 3DMark11. I'm using the 306.02 beta drivers from nVidia, which I'm going to replace with a clean install of 302.92. We'll see if that clears things up. EDIT: Just got a clean run of Unigine Heaven 3.0 using the older drivers. Looks like I should wait for a WHQL release before updating them. EDIT2: Looks like I spoke too soon. Saw texture flickering on three different occasions while running Unigine Heaven 3.0 My settings during the benchmark: DX11; Extreme Tesselation, High Shaders, 16x Anisotropy, Stereo 3D Disabled, Multi-Monitor Unchecked, 8x Anti-aliasing, Full Screen 1080p (my notebook's native) My GPU reached 89C during the benchmark and downclocked itself to 915MHz for two brief intervals, according to MSI Afterburner's hardware monitoring graphs. What do you think is the problem?
  10. I thought it would only throttle at high temperatures. Overvolting would lead to more heat, but if you can manage it with cooling mods then the card shouldn't throttle, should it? (I'm guessing stuff like Kombustor or Furmark, which cause sustained 100% load, would cause high temperatures despite any cooling mods, but the same isn't true for games generally.)
  11. Won't 1.05V overheat the laptop a fair bit? I read a review written by a user who was using Saltius' 1.037V vbios and he reported temperatures in the mid-high 80's (up to 89) under heavy load with that voltage.
  12. This is all very cool. Thanks so much to svl7 for putting these vbios files out for public consumption! I have a P150EM with the 680M, so I'll be keeping the OC Edition and OV-OC Edition files handy! What is the new voltage for the OV version? A user named Saltius has made another Clevo 680M vbios which takes the core clock to 900MHz (boost up to 1035MHz) and the 3D Voltage up to 1.037V. Related: Out of curiosity, how did you make these custom vbios files? I fiddled with my old 260M bios using NiBiTor but that program isn't compatible with Kepler vbios files.
  13. Of which game? Depending on the answer, your comment could be advice to get me moving along to ME3, to skip ME3 altogether! (is it that bad?)
  14. I made the mistake of starting a new ME2 playthrough shortly before ME3 came out, and I still haven't finished. Unfortunately I refuse to start ME3 without finishing my ME2 playthrough, and I can't find the time (read: it's interesting but not enough to pull me away from other things) to finish ME2. I've had that N7 collector's edition copy of ME3 sitting in my room since the game came out, and I still haven't even opened it. I'm too neurotic for this lol.
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