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  1. A09 and 2x8GB Kingstone with 1.35V. Working properly. BIOS can see RAM but W7 see all.
  2. In my Alien I have 740qm + 7970m and i must reflash vbios GPU to 1.0V When I use card with oryginal vbios and start BF4 i always have 85-86 degrees and auto shut down. Now I play BF4 with 1.0V with medium details, 1080p and I have 50-60 fps and no more 70-72 degrees. I bought processor 920xm, and I really did not see much of a difference in speed. The temperature rose to (+10) a height of close to 80-85 degrees, and decided to come back to the 740QM. In my opinion much better to buy the same 45W TDP 840qm or if we already have a higher temperature is 940xm. I work on the power supply 240W with the center pin. BIOS see that power adapter and work properly. I have also cable with the cut a central pin (reducer) and use it do for me does not change. When I use the adapter, BIOS does not see how the power supply is plugged in and that's it. I am checking whether there is a difference with supply from the pin, and without it, both the 920 and 740, and all the tests came out the same.
  3. In my M15x I have 2x8GB Kingstone KVR16LS11/8 with 740qm. With 920xm situation is the same. Bios can't see module but Windows 7 see all 16GB RAM. RAM have 1.35V and 1600MHz but I can max 1333MHz. Everythink works good and better with 16GB.
  4. I do not know how is this possible? I have the screws from Mike2628, now I cut the threads in the x-bracket and still have a problem with overheating in the card. Now I have "Advance Micro Device" driver from Dell and undervoltage 1.0 rom from http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/1736-amd-7970m-modified-vbios.html I play in BT4 1900 resolution, and occasionally I have over 85 * C and turn off the PC. I have a new pastes, pads and still the same. Sometimes I play with BT4 all day and I have near to 80*C, but sometimes my Alien quick temp rises under 84-85*C. I try play with 240W PSU with center pin, without center pin and standars 150W PSU. Always the same. In addition, I use the stand for a laptop with a windmill. What can I do ???
  5. I think I now what is happend. Probably when I turn on 240W PSU with a cut out central pin, Alien work in Stealth Mode. Maybe when not charge battery, automatically change the mode to "stealth mode". In that mode I have ~50FPS in BT4 and 50-60*C. I don't now how could I not notice the difference between stealth mode "on" and "off". I have oryginal bracket with long threads. I use good screws with new paste, pads and I check difference bios with also undervoltge to 0.95. Usually temporarily I have 85*C and still 75-77*C. Maybe must be like that? I don't know? Now I have AMD Dell drivers for 7970m. I had previously Catalyst Cristal and was the same.
  6. I replaced the screws on the GPU and it is a little better. I did not change the paste and pads. Temporarily I did adapter PSU with a cut out center pin and ????? I do not know as possible, but in BT4 where I was always 80-84 °C, now I have 63-65*C? In BT3 where previously it was 82-84 °C, now I have 78*C. I understand that the removal of the central pin of the power supply 240W removes the restriction 180W PSU with pin? Do the same removal central pin may change like that the cooling system?
  7. Temporarily changed a little pressure and changed the heatsink paste on the Zalman zm-StG2 and Uploader original bios from 1.050mV. Now in BT4 sometimes I have 84 * C. What worries me is that sometimes I get so weird FPS drops. Everything works well and at times fall to around 25-28 FPS. What could be causing this? I have a 240W power supply, but not taken out the center pin.
  8. These screws back to be able to help. Can you sell it? I checked again and low pressure for me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xblabr5ypdzberp/IMG_00000720.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3gliqs6l9jzwcgu/IMG_00000723.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/lluv0l9iks3gqjg/Tester%20Socket%20989.jpg?dl=0
  9. Unfortunately, I only have the original screws. already thought about it and I think I need to replace them, because just turn up the blades will not do anything. today lowered the voltage to 0.95 and BT3 and 4 was about 74-77 ° C in the game and went down menu to 80 * C. How do you apply the paste on the GPU? One dot, X or thin spreading with a spatula?
  10. Maybe someone had the same problem? When you start the computer turns on postage alien, the processor and graphics begins to heat up but nothing Appears. below the picture of the diagnostic socket: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lluv0l9iks3gqjg/Tester%20Socket%20989.jpg?dl=0
  11. Hello, Unfortunately, I have a new problem! I do not know how it happened, but the graphics I cook. Several times I ran FurMark and the temperature went over the 81-84 ° C (shut down the system), and now I keep on cooking. When I play BT4, I have 100-140fps high settings, but the graphics quickly reaches 76-81 ° C. I downgrade VBIOS but nothing change. I replaced the thermal paste and pads and nothing. Perhaps the reason lies in the pressure of the heatsink? I'm using the same heat sink as in the previous 5850 and 5850 thread x-clamp was lower and more able to push the radiator. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mav3kjolkyna6bc/5850m.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkvrujcbwr9qf5y/7970m.jpg?dl=0 What should be the thickness of the M15x Thermal pads. I have 1mm 6mW
  12. For now, the best choice for me is 900/1300 and (Voltage3D in VBiosPatcher) 1075mV. Everything works well. In BT4 to 1080p and high settings and I have 28-40fps and temperature below 60 ° C. Tries to increase the clock to 950/1350 and see what happens. I do not care MEGA tune GPU. I prefer more indirect setting. I prefer to have a weaker graphics and low temperature. I do not know why in BT4 to 1080p and high settings I have 57-60 ° C, and as running FurMark 1.15 stress test and 1080p is the temperature goes above 80 * C ???
  13. kbm

    6970m Compatible

    Hello, Soon I will have 6970m. I question whether there is a way that the card went on M15x with automatic cooling (fun control). I wanted this card worked as 5850 with automatic fan not with HWinfo. Is there any possibility to do this? The second question is whether the card will be automatically cooling M17x or M18x Alieni?
  14. Hello, I have a 7970 in the M15x and I wanted to speed it up, without exceeding 75 ° C in the games. Currently I have this set: 900/1300 i 975mV In GPU-Z I have: Pixel Fillrate - 28,8 GP Testuje Fillrate - 72,0 GT Bandwidth - 166,4 GB With these settings for normal operation I have about 37-40 * C. When I run BT4 in 1080p high settings, but not ultra and I then approx. 26-28 fps, and a temperature of about 50-55 ° C When I start GPU first time, after I have 5850, the card have extremal mem tune. Before I have Core3D - 1502, Mem3D - (caution) 117964 MHz and Voltage 1876 mV. I do not know who threw such settings but I think they look quite high. Laptop with these settings normally started, but when starting BT4 once exceeded 80 ° C. I fixed x-clamp and cooling and everything worked quite well, but the temperature hovered around 80 ° C. BT4 Ultra Setting worked very, very smoothly. These extreme settings changed for those at the beginning of the post, but with the cold store would like to somehow wisely tune GPU. What should be the optimum settings for the 740QM 7970 GPU?
  15. Hello all, I have a defective motherboard LA-8381P with M14x R2 and looking to her documentation. Maybe there is someone who has the documents? Probably I have a problem communicating with the BGA-CPU.
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