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  1. Nice thats looking good. Im impressed your physics score beats my aw17 at 4 ghz. Heres my latest 1070 score. http://www.3dmark.com/fs/12668293 Not sure how i missed this thread. I am extremely curious if the zotac 1070 would work in the m18x r2 now. a couple people have them in AW17 R1's but they required a vbios flash to MSI vbios.
  2. Please let me know how this goes! I'd love to see that machine go another gpu generation! I may try a 1070 in one if you get this to go 100%!
  3. Im scared to update for this reason... I might wait for one more nvidia update before I do the creators update.
  4. I know this thread is super old, but I still have this laptop and after all these years I finally found what I like to call a final solution... This solution for this laptop that hasn't given me any problems and keeps my 920xm very happy without throtting. My old 7970 before had all the throttling issues, vs my 965m that has 0 issues, works on the stock psu and games much much better than the 7970. I have now tried about 6 different GPUs in my machine and anything above 80 or 90w tdp lead me to throtting under combined (cpu+gpu load) http://www.3dmark.com/compare/3dm11/4876709/3dm11/11656394# I also built a psu adaptor cable for an HP 210w power supply. I tried the 330W and the 240W dell ones and still had throttling for some reason. This adaptor with the HP 210w allowed me to push the cpu as far as I wanted within temperature limits. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m15x-330w-psu-mod-like-complete-need-bios-help.795463/#post-10368048
  5. not sure what u mean ghosts. These are the best drivers I've come across for my aw17 yet. I havent tried BF1 yet but nothing but good news to report here so far. Im also running this driver on my m15x w 965m and its running below 70*C all day long. I'm very very happy with my m15x now!
  6. @Klem @johnksss huge thanks for the vbios. Also huge thanks to @J95 for the driver mod inf. you guys are the reason I love this forum! I am changing my gpu in the near future, but before I do, Im having some stability issues with the 1.0v on the 980m vbios from the first post. When I bump the voltage up to 1.025 I get full stability. My asic quality is 81.3%. (quite good from what I understand.) long story short, is there any way one of you can quickly mod the original 980m vbios from this thread for me to default to 1.025v. I fully intend to pay in beer! Thanks!
  7. @J95 Bought you a beer for making my life easy. Keep up the hard work!
  8. I have an R1 ranger, on win 10 64bit. Im running this vbios with my 980m 8gb clevo version. Worked perfect for me. I am running in dedicated mode because of my 120hz lcd. My guess is you arent running off the 980m at all. your game appears to be loading on the intel gpu. try switching to dedicated graphics mode (Fn+F5) reinstalling the drivers in dedicated mode. Use the mobile 364.72 drivers from the nvidia website and this .inf mod https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4906-alienware-aftermarket-upgrades-driver-support-modded-inf/&do=findComment&comment=140834 You'll lose battery life capabilities of your machine but the benefit is worth it. http://www.3dmark.com/fs/8422266 My firestrike score at completely stock clocks. Hope this helps good luck!
  9. @Prema I am having issues with the clevo 1.1.1 vbios in my Alienware 17 R1. I have a 980m I installed using the 3 pipe heatsink and I keep having the card overheat, but only in certain games. ie. World of Warcraft will take my gpu up to 85*C+ where as looping uniengine benchmarks or 3dmark will never take the gpu over 75*C. I am using a Cooling pad with 2 80mm fans directly pointing at the fan intakes. I have also upgraded the gpu fan in the laptop from the stock 1.Xcfm one to the 10.6cfm model from the R3. I have an ASIC reading of 81.3%. What I am thinking is maybe this vbios has too much voltage applied for long term gaming for the cooling system in this machine? Will this Alienware 18 vbios help me with my issues at all or should I try a vbios with a lower 3dclock voltage? My current load voltage is 1.062v. I am running 359.06 mobile modded inf drivers. I honestly don't care about overclocking I just want this thing to be stable with or without my laptop cooler under it.
  10. My 7970m would hover between 40 and 50 idle depending on whether it was in idle clock mode or if there was animated (or video) things happening. (clock speeds run higher when you watching Youtube for example) The fan profile on the m17x r3/4 doesnt start the fans until 50* if I remember correctly. You much better off checking you max temps with a program like GPUz while you play a game or run a couple benchmarks. The max safe temp id ever let a 7970m see is probably 75*. i believe they start throttling at that temp on certain other models of notebooks. I blew up the memory chips on a 7970m at only 1300mhz because they ran too hot for too long.
  11. Sorry to bump this super old tread but I believe this mod should be stickied. I just completed the same mod in my AW17 R1 and the difference is absolutely night and day. Major drawback however is noise, but this thing moves a TON of air. my 4930mx doesnt go above 80*c now (was peaking up to 95* on the stock fan). Thats just using GC extreme thermal paste. I plan to switch to liquid ultra as soon as I buy the special cleaner for it. Another side note. i bought the fan for the GPU for the M17x R3/4 and it drops directly in. no modding or wiring changes required. Works perfect and dropped gpu temps from 75-80 down to 65-70. Overall a massive win. But be warned the cpu fan is a noisy beast when you're pushing your cpu hard. *EDIT* Forgot to give fan part numbers. CPU = XN0G5 GPU = THPDJ
  12. You think you have it bad.... nvidia users upgrading to windows 10 are killing their screens lol. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/862417/geforce-drivers/windows-10-geforce-drivers-are-killing-samsung-and-lg-notebook-lcd-display-panels/ No support from them either. i think at the moment AMD/Team red is the lesser of 2 evils. On a more helpful note. If you have an m17x r2, your 330 w powersupply must be modded with a 240w id chip in order for the m17x r2 to actually make use of the extra wattage. http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x-aw-17/5072-%5Bguide%5D-dell-330w-power-adapter-mod-m17x.html I did this mod but built it into my 330W PSU. After i did this my scores improved drastically. If you have a clevo with a dell powersupply you need to ground the center pin in the power supply connector to force the 330w into full power mode. if you have a clevo psu, sorry i wont be any help! AMD Radeon HD 7970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-920XM Processor,Alienware Also make sure your xfire option is turned on in the catalyst control center.
  13. Excellent thanks for the response. I wanted to flash these cards back to stock as when I bought the laptop the display was already corrupted by the old owner not using this vbios. (From what I can tell)
  14. Hello. I Just had a quick question. I just flashed this vbios to my clevo v1.2 card in my m17x r2. It seems to be working well but the card still detects as "subvendor DELL" in GPUz. I had to force flash the vbios as atiflash wouldn't let me flash it without the force command. Not a major problem, just strange unless Svl7 modified it this way. let me know if i have the option to fix this! Thanks
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