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  1. Thanks for the fast reply When I first plugged in the Akitio with my first molex riser (only had the yellow wire not the black GRND wire) the blue light started blinking and this was way before with the molex-to-barrel mod. But when I plug in the GPU directly onto the Akitio board the blue light stays on constantly with no flashing. I'll try to contact Akitio but they probably won't replace it since I'm tampering with the board so I'm not too sure with it.
  2. I just got a new powered PCI-e riser with molex and it seems the power is going through the GPU when plugged into the Akitio PCIe. When I plug in the TB cable to the Mac the blue light blinks and the GPU fans struggle to spin. This has been happening for a while and I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong. I installed windows 8.1 boot camp then did the paper clip trick to my PSU and everything else that's required for the Mac to read the eGPU but as of right now that's not happening for me. I start up the eGPU and I then turn on the Mac and boots up to windows. I still can't get the Mac to read it. Not too sure what's going >.< Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think you just solved my solution to my eGPU project because I had the exact same problem as you did! I have tried many different combos of trying to power up my setup but nothing would work. Just like yours, my GTX 970 would wiggle once I power on the PSU and I did the molex-to-barrel mod and still the same results. I remember reading on a forum about how HDMI cables having an arrow on them saying they're bi-directional and I'm guessing that's what caused them to not have an external display. I'm gonna change out the HDMI cables tomorrow to see if it works and I'll post updates.
  4. I did exactly the same thing. I did both methods and it powered on and everything, but now the fan is struggling to move. The first method I did was with my own PSU plugged in and also AkiTio's PSU plugged in(not recommended at all) and the whole thing booted up and the fans started spinning. Only con was after about 5-10 secs the fans stopped spinning and Windows couldn't detect the eGPU.
  5. Well it somewhat seems to be working now but I still can't get Windows or Yosemite to recognize the GPU. I've been following this method but using powering method 2 which is molex-to-barrel mod with my own PSU. SOFTWARE INSTALLING Install Windows 8.1 64 bit from a USB stick by using ISO file. This is a standard Boot Camp installation. After installing Windows, download and install all Windows updates. Update Boot Camp drivers (Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5640) and shut down Do the hardware preparing part 1-8 Install Nvidia driver 340.52 (Drivers | GeForce) Shut down MacBook Pro and continue from the hardware preparing step 8 HARDWARE PREPARING Open AKiTiO's box by a normal screwdriver, take out the PCIe board and attach the GPU to its x16 slot Attach PSU's power cable (blue) to the GPU and do the "paperclip trick" as shown in picture 1. Attach DVI/HDMI cable to the GPU (if using a back bracket, I wasn't able to fit DVI-cable because the plastic part was too wide) and use any external monitor you like Place something under the GPU so that it will be steady (a removed front panel is perfect for this) Attach AKiTiO's 60W power plug to the DC jack of the PCIe board Connect TB cable Power up AKiTiO's box (green light should appear) and the PSU at the same time (I use a power strip with a switch on the floor) Turn on MacBook Pro (blue light should appear). If it is booting to OSX partition, change startup disk to Boot Camp partition from the OSX preferences. I've been tracing my steps back and still nothing. When I do steps 6-8 (Hardware Preparing) the GPU is struggling to get the fans spinning and it makes this weird grind noise that is constant whenever the Thunderbolt cable is plugged in, but when I take out the Thunderbolt cable the noise stops. I then plug it back in it the noise continues. (EDIT: Found out that the noise is the coil whining from the GPU which the GTX 970 is known for). Hardware that I'm using: 500B EVGA PSU GTX970 SC AKitio Thunder 2 molex-to-barrel (I stopped using the PCI-e raiser because it started getting hot on one of the sides)
  6. Well, when I saw the flicker, the molex from the PCI-e riser was resting on that little spot, but the plastic was only touching it. But I'm pretty sure that's what caused the small fire. I just put up everything so I don't burn anything else lol. But I plan on buying another riser like goalque said. But I do know that green and blue light still pop up. Just hoping that it still works.
  7. Well, I just fried part of Akitio's board by using the molex-to-barrel adapter(I know it was fault and responsibility for frying it). The first time I plugged it in it was fine and everything. Green and blue lights came on. Second time I plugged it in I hear a sound of flickering and see a small fire come out of the small spot (in the red square/rectangle) I unplugged the riser, gpu, and thunderbolt cable to test if it still works. So far the green and blue lights still pop up but other than that I don't know. Really frustrated with this build, got the wrong riser and burnt my Akitio board:mad: Not sure if Akitio will replace part of the board or not but I will email them soon about the problem.
  8. For this build, I've been following goalque's and Dschijn's implementation guide. Parts listed here: -Late 2013 rMBP 13" model -EVGA 500B PSU -Akitio Thunder2 PCIE Box -Powered 16x Riser -EVGA GTX 970 SC -720p HDTV (using as an external monitor) I'm having a problem of starting up the GPU and the Akitio. I plugged everything in and I did the "paper clip trick" to the PSU and that is working fine. I'm not too sure if it's the riser that's causing the problem or not. When I directly plug in the GPU into the Akitio 16x slot, green and blue light pops up while using Akitio's own PSU (I know it's bad to have 2 PSU's connected to the Akitio) But when I connect the powered 16x riser to the Akitio with the GPU and the PSU, nothing turns on (I'm not using Akitio's own PSU) I then took off the GPU from the riser and I connected the molex from the EVGA PSU onto the powered riser molex and no lights pop up. I think it may be from the powered riser due there only being one yellow wire, but I'm not too sure. I also read on a forum that there's no need for a powered riser but I can't remember where I read it from. Hopefully I get this situated. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I followed all the steps on goalques implementation guide and I'm updated with Windows 8.1 and Bootcamp drivers. Sorry about that!
  9. That's weird. On Newegg it shows that it has 2 x 6=2 Pin. I think that makes 8 but it's optional to make it 8 since it's originally 6. Hopefully that made any sense. Here's Newegg link to see it just to make sure. I don't wanna order it and get the wrong one lol.
  10. I emailed the sales associate for Akitio and to order it I have to fill out a Credit Card Authorization paper form. Is that safe to do? Sorry for getting off topic :/
  11. Nice build man! Thinking about getting that case since it's small and stuff heh.
  12. I have the late 2013 rMBP so things should be fine I hope Hmm, I wouldn't mind operating it on windows, too much work for me to get it on the OSX haha
  13. Would a GTX 960 work with this build? If so I guess I wouldn't mind paying a little more heh.
  14. I'm really liking this build and close to ordering an Akitio box! I have the late 2013 rMBP and I have one question. Due to the GTX 780 being out of my price range, would the GTX 760 be fully compatible to your build?
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